Wednesday, February 15, 2012

vilified for speaking out about an injustice.

I have one strength in this world (two if you count my ability to shoot a turd across the room when I've got a solid one in the chamber). My other strength? More on that later in big red letters.

DRE posts this in the public section.
I need help! I cannot get the staff to help me out with the news feeds. Also, most of them rarely ever sign on or contribute to the community by gracing their presence in a discussion thread or two. is a small entertainment forum that generally covers all media. As a moderator or member of VIP, you will be able to post your own reviews, fan-fiction, short stories, web comics etc with your own advertisements and feature their image on the main page slider.

For any of you who have your own sites or just like to post your own work or love to blog, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to get your work out. The site is a year and a 1/2 old and has a google page ranking of 2, both world-wide and US traffic around 250,000 in alexa ranking.

Now for the catch.

As a moderator you will have to at least attempt to delete bot threads in the media law and news subforum that are over 3 weeks old, have no replies and have less than 100 views.

I would prefer previous moderatorship experience but if you don't then please be a poster on some kind of forum with at least over 1000 posts.

DRE, Today at 2:24 AM
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By his own admission I was a good moderator on his website. But because I told the truth about a lying member I was demoted and banned.
By now he would have had many thousands more posts and views, as well as a lot more members, but alas he decided to do the wrong thing by me, even though I was working hard to help his website grow.
Maybe he could ask His good friend Joe to actually post on his site and support him? :roll:

DRE says he shakes his head, at how his facebook page has more action than his dying website. Just think all those posts and many thousands more would have contributed to the 8thlegion, instead he is now reduced to begging for staff. YEAH Right, why not join as a staff member and then you too can be banned on a whim, despite having worked your butt off helping his site to grow!
And then you too can be vilified for speaking out about an injustice.

You can even help him in his efforts to support scammers and sex predators like he is doing now.
Sound like your kind of place? talk to DRE. I am sure he will allow you to work hard before you too are discarded. .