Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gbenga, why are you pretending to be someone else?

It is very possible to play one lad against another. It is best if done by someone with experience, but a nice aggravated discussion between two or more lads can be very entertaining. One has to be sure that it is only lads involved not innocent third parties.

The first thing you want to do is set up a fake facebook page like I did with Gbenga Jones. Nobody knows it is fake because I realisticaly portray a lad.

If you can donate and have your name in bold, then a lot more fun can be had by you against the lads. 
lolcatz, No worries when you can. I think you will enjoy the experience!
Meanwhile you can always set up a spare safe email account and pretend to be lad number two sending to lad no 1. 

My lads haven't emailed back to Sam Bateman yet, I wonder if they have lost interest
You can always re-bait your lad using a different email and alias. 

For the first contact email I always keep it simple like " Hey got your email ok. I certainly could use more money can you send me more details? Thanks. XXXX.

No one gets everyone, but I do have a very high return rate with this simple approach. I use the name Gbenga Jones on facebook which is very good for harassing the lads and DRE at 8thlegion. That nigger is as dumb as a lad lol.

Good video mill. It is quite good, but stops short of showing the full story.

As it says, the lads go to "stronger" and stronger JUJU if their scams are not working.

Unfortunately, the more expensive and latter JUJU involves the use of human body parts and the real horror is where these parts come from.

Horrifyingly, some are from murdered children and other victims.

The movie guy was trying to be discreet when he just kept saying it was dangerous.

The same rituals are also used by certain Gangs or confraternities to further their goals.

A very sad state of affairs indeed.

I have to believe that there are lads murdering people for body parts to use in rituals because doing so helps me dehumanise them and I can then justify my racism because they're a bunch of dirty niggers.