Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sometimes I post on Facebook as Maria Owusu and complain about other people using fake IDs

ooh ma goshhh Is he an Identity theif?
I see here the smartness of a 12 year old boy. I had gone through Alan James Watsons wall , you are fake. any small boi can find out what u are doing .
people like these are spoiling the name of hardworking Australians . I bet he is a 18 year old boy who we girls from africa met online and then ask straight for Cam-Sex
and Mr. Fake Watson , i can understand English well. so dont insult us using that language. I am a well educated black girl . so you better watchout .
So you are a yahooboy. Why are u sinning and spoiling the name of Africa.
so u think all blacks are nigerians. Its time i call ur mami and papi and tell them to sent their little boi to school and get some education
the F here now is fake Alan Watson got banned by FB . And dont think we are all phools , you are also guity of permitting "personal insult " against a man through your FB-Page.
how many damn aliases do you have?
i be asking same question to Alan James Watson, well how many aliases do u have ?
So why is DRE allowing a known imposter to post on his page?
There is a reason God put ur eyes in frnt of ur bdy...Its so we can see where we goin nt where we hav been....
why o why .. poor boy Alan James is hiding from me . u dey got no balls to mess with a lil black chick !!
bann me u lil admin

Look at me, I am a dumb nigger lol !!!!!!!1!!1!!!!1!