Saturday, February 18, 2012

a KeyLogger that they put in my system

Thanks Big Al ,welcome much appreciated :mrgreen:   I stumbled across this site after a very bad experience with 419 eater,I was checking out anti-scamming sites and happened to click on that lot of scammers.As soon as i clicked their site I got a security warning about a KeyLogger that they put in my system,not a very nice welcome at all ! Especially from a so called 'anti-scamming' site.As far as im concerned,and this is only my personal experience,i would recommend people keep well away from 419 eater.Any site that tries to put a KL in your PC is NOT to be trusted,my 2c, rant over  :D

In case you haven't noticed, Big Al, I don't know how a keylogger works, so I will just go on believing that one can be installed on my computer just by going to a website.

And I have no problem admitting that I am such a retarded fuckwit that I would actually allow a keylogger to be put on my computer.  :D