Saturday, September 29, 2012

u b shure dat I has wun?

Sadly one of the bad things about the internet are the many virus and other nasties that are being developed in ever growing numbers.

Here are some free anti-virus and anti-malware etc programs to help us.
Most will work together but some may not, so just try them out and uninstall the ones you do not like.

Speeding up your PC and removing rubbish from it. 

Some indications that your Pc security is compromised.

1- Your computer SUDDENLY becomes slower or starts acting strange. This does not happen only after you download a bunch of porn.

2- Some of your emails disappear and you do not remember deleting them. Check your medication first before you panic!

3- Your computer is acting strange or SUDDENLY becomes slower (different from #1)  :lol:

4- You have an uneasy feeling that something is wrong. For instance, you have a clean diaper but you feel like it might be full. You think you sharted but then discover you didn't. Weird!

5- You recently downloaded an attachment and you are uncertain about it. Who hasn't done that?!?!?!

6- Your anti virus scans stop working in mid scan. (very bad sign, as some malware is designed to stop your AV from removing it)

7- The photo you sent to some ladies turns up on the internet and then you start bleating about having been hacked. This can happen when you act like a complete fucking numpty and piss everybody off. :lol:

8- You give your password away and find that someone figures out it works on not only your email but your blog too. This is actually a benefit because then you can start whining about having been hacked.

If in ANY doubt, do some scans and CHANGE your password for EVERYTHING. Don't be a total nob like I was!! :lol:

This thread is to post news about the lads being arrested and looking forward to spending a few years in prison, getting to be close to Big Bubba. It makes a lads day reading about prison.

Dear scammers Big Bubba awaits you in his cosy cell. :lol:

Spain arrests Nigerians in fake lottery letter scam.

Three Nigerians arrested on fraud charge.

u b shure dat I has wun?

Yes you are certainly sick but not rich.

Now JAMES bond, I probably would have believed.


WOW. I have never met a Business merchandise before. :roll:

Daniel Berner who is nicknamed " Tiny Dan " for a defect he has, is shown here prior to his DEPORTATION from Manila for being a sex pervert.

Daniel Berner the known sex pervert. He is older now and dyes his hair to appear younger but he still scams ladies.

I TOLD him to lay of the booze but did he listen? NOOOO! :lol:

Crikey if things get this serious we may need to bring in the "Bundy bears"