Sunday, September 23, 2012

i am a member of five anti scam forums

Hi all, thank you for allowing me to join your site, i am proud to be a scambaiter , so am i biased in this discussion? you bet i am !! i see two issues here- the victims and the baiters, yes we would love to do more,and we would love to be able to snap our fingers and put these scammers in jail! but this does not work , let me take you for a small tour of our cyberworld, first let me tell you about the unmarried mother in holland who unfortunately was mentally backwards and was being scammed so bad that she did not have enough food to feed her child! or the woman in pheonix who asked for help after she lost her house and money, and was on the street with thre young children,or the victim who just posted on fraudwatchers who had a nervous breakdown and borrowed so much money from his mother she is now having to work at 68 years of age to try to pay this money back, he is now banckrupt and is suffering a nervous depression . what hope do these victims have?? are you going to help them? or just critisise the baiters who do? let me tell you about some if the baiters who i proudly call friends. theres a lady in canada who uses a lot of her own money sending lettters and phone warnings to potential victim s all over the world and spends just about all her waking hours helping victims. or the old lady in canada as well who weeps with sadness when she sees some of the letters from the victims of romance scams who have not only lost money but are emotionally destroyed! or the lady in japan who has just spent her own money and lots of time to set up a website in japan to help the japanese victims. again all for free . i could go on about these baiters who spend a lot of their own time and money to help others in need and you want to tell them that they are not doing a brilliant job?? yes we do get some rewards when we manage to save a victim our hearts soar and we feel good , when we train another baiter and he or she also manages to save a victim this also feels good. please come and have a look at what we doiand if you feel like it join us, and together we will try and make this unjust world a bit better if we save one victim from any of these scams then all our combined efforts are worthwhile . thank you for allowing me to have my say . best wishs' Big Al " Alan james

Hi thank you b for your input, i have put some of my baiting story on this forum and you can see what others and myself are doing to try to help , please let me know what type of help you are giving? you say my 'strategy for fighting scams is failing" maybe so! but i have a strategy!! plese tell me about yours ? can you tell me about how you are helping the victims of these scams?? yes some of them are greedy and just want to make a buck but by far the majority are just that!victims !who see a chance to help improve their lives and that of their family , again I say what are you doing to help them ?? it is easy to dismiss others but if your grand parents where losing their life savings would you try to help?? or would you still, have the same view of baiters who do try to help?? so please answer how you are helping these victims ? thanks ' BIg AL "

Hi Georgewbush thank you for your post i think that the only time i mentioned myself was to say that i was proud to be a scambaiter , how does this translate to me saying how great i am ?? i am sorry if this was the impression that i gave as it was certainly not intended , however i cannot stand by and see other baiters who are doing a good job pulled down , i also did not intend it to be an advertisment for our forums, yes if anyone wants to join ours or any other anti scam forums i would be very happy as there are many thousands of scammers and too few baiters , yes i am a new poster and my intention was not to upset of the members of this forum just to try and put a different aspect on what we do and hopefully to inform if i could , i am a member of five anti scam forums and i only mentioned one in the context of proving that a recent posting took place ,i did not advertise any of the others . thanks ' BIg AL '

Hi b, thank you for your compliment about my age i have just turned 60 so it was welcome. i am glad to see that you are closing down the scammers accounts, so that they can reopen a new one in two minutes and comtinue. as it seems to be headed for a flame war and i am the new guy i will respect the other members and withdraw so as not to disturb the forum , i would like to thank you all for allowing me to post and put my point of view! To the mods, thank you for your patience, if any one wants to contact me i can be reached on best wishs for your site "big Al" Alan james

i pooped my pants . thanks ' BIg AL "