Monday, September 17, 2012

sending a motivational song to a victim that was VERY successful.

It seems to be a standard practice for some sites to attempt massive character assassination when any one is banned for telling the truth!
This seems to be done to try and make sure that the person who has been banned will not be believed and any truth they post will then be suspect! This has been the case by both eater and the alliance in my case and to others who say the truth.

It is now spilling over to the people who support me, re some recent comments on here!

As the admins on the alliance have seen fit to try to portray me as crazy, it is only fair that I defend myself, remember they started this attack!

First of all I have never seen any doctor nor taken any medicine for any type of mental disorder and as far as I know no relatives of mine have either!

However, lets look at some of the people who are making these false allegations!

As I have also been falsely accused on internet love scams as well, I will talk about this group, remember this is the group that are dealing with emotional and sometimes suicidal victims. They have the following as ADMINS on ILS. I call this:

'The comedy of errors'

They have the following!

A male admin who is an alcoholic.

A female admin who is a self confessed 'bi polar' sufferer.

A female admin who also has a drink problem and has presided over the most destructive episode in the scambaiting history by telling lies about cop cars coming around to investigate and the 'rolling over' of a completely innocent colleague!

A male admin who has confessed that he cannot handle victims, and that he has emotional problems, he has since been removed as a liability!

A male admin who has also said that he cannot handle victims and is an admin, yet he has never posted on there.

A male admin who has lied to the members on his sites about reading pm's.

A female mod who has attempted suicide and runs away when confronted with one who needs help on ils.

A female mod who has massive problems with her parents, who are involved with a type of religious cult, and are against her using computers.

A female mod who is an admin on eater! enough said!!

The sickest of all, they have allowed 'Vinnie' who has issued sick death threats against fellow baiters to be a member, using three different names, one female and two male and then promoted him to a mod position!

AND THEY SLAP ME!! for sending a motivational song to a victim that was VERY successful.
And they try and say that I am a danger to victims!! BULLSHIT!!

Then they wonder why I expose them and their lies!

They also have people who have hounded victims to try and get them to bait their scammers, a VERY dangerous thing to do!

So now you can make up your own minds as to who is crazy!

Please remember that they started this attack on my character, I did not want to go down this road, but I will defend myself!

So they only have them selves to blame when I do defend myself!