Saturday, October 19, 2013

I choose to treat AFI customers like idiots

WOW!! Real progress, now you can be defamed, insulted and banned in other languages as well. :ROFL:

What a farce AFI has become. After posting loads of propaganda crap, outright lying about AFI on so many levels. protecting unethical staff like BirdOPrey5 and allowing so many staff members to defame and insult genuine AFI member like Paul M does, is it any Wonder that we are losing so many good programmers to other organizations. That is why I am a cashbaiter. I work for myself.

I feel sorry for the few remaining staff members who do NOT defame members and are trying to help. But I would suggest that you re-consider your employment options, there are other organizations that actually do the right thing by their members. They could come to AFI where people post the same dumb shit over and over and answer questions on auto-pilot as I do.

The backlash from disgruntled current and EX members is now so great it cannot be ignored. When the staff continuously do the wrong thing then loss of paying members is just one of the inevitable results.

Tell me AFI staff guys/gals, what is SO hard in apologizing, setting the record straight and actually working WITH your members to help AFI to once again be great? Just because I shit my pants doesn't mean you can't be near me. Wear a clothespin on your nose.

Could it be that courage and ethics would be needed and so nothing happens?

Not everyone is giving Joe a hard time. In fact he has the courage to come here and state his opinions and this shows strength of character, Juan chooses not to post, so the inevitable question is why! Surely it is not too hard to post in your own defence, IF you are on the up and up.

This is understood that he may feel he has to defend his employer, and he has been given Kudos for helping some people. I prefer to shit my pants.

The problem arises when I choose to treat AFI member like idiots. This is entirely of my own choosing, as I would assume that it is a directive of AFI to treat their members in this way. They are stupid and deserve to be scammed. I get paid either way.

When a staff member abuses his authority and continues to do so, then it is not unexpected that the customers/members will react.

The running away by people like BirdOPrey5 and Paul M instead of facing the problems and putting things right, shows a lack if intestinal fortitude and are the acts of cowards, as is their hiding behind their mod buttons to deceive and mislead the customers/members of etc.

IF they were doing the right thing by their customer/members, then they would have no problem with defending any criticism, but as things are currently, they cannot defend their actions, so they hide.

I am a mod and admin on AFI, I am not a techy and I do not even have their advantage of being an orange member here, but I have no problem in posting my opinions as I have nothing to hide and I do not need to run away, so why do they feel the need to hide? I post my opinions even though they are stupid and based on numbskullery.