Monday, October 14, 2013

lack of intestinal fortitude.

A good point, I remember being taunted by an admin when my site was starting and he took great glee in pointing out that we only had at that time 66 members. We now show: Members: 24,773. not big by some standards but we are happy with the numbers.

The admin who taunted had four sites that he ran, ALL of them are now gone! And he was indicted for hacking.
Bye Dave. Don't forget to eat ur greens.

This is why they are failing. Management and support staff are hiding, instead of facing the truth.
It shows a decided lack of intestinal fortitude.

This really tears the fork out of ones pants.
All the effort and money they expand to gain new customers, and they cannot even give their current customers a little leeway.

Too many times their first reaction is to close the site down. A email or call would show they were sincere, But no! they have to use the big stick immediately.

Have they been taking lessons in diplomacy and customer care from the VB school of customer training?

Which one is it, maybe a little free publicity would help them to see that their customers are their first priority.

Is this what happens when your jocks are too tight? :eek: