Monday, October 7, 2013

what is ICT and IPP ?

I like technical books and ones that keep me interested so that I can look forward to continuing reading them after a break. I think that this afflicts us all at certain times. For the small amount of work involved and the massive pay, financially it would be good to be a politician, but alas I feel I will never be one, as I am too honest. Some good advice about looking after your health. A sport should be of benefit, not something that can destroy your health, so taking into consideration your health and possible effects of any sport on it may be a wise move. Having been away from school for many years I am unfamiliar with some of the terms, what is ICT and IPP ? For those who would like to get away from Windows but cannot afford a Mackintosh. You can always use a FREE linux OS like Ubuntu. Very quick. uses few resources and does not catch windows virus. I did not like school very much, but I did enjoy going to the technical college. I used to get bored sometimes when I was younger, now I seem to be too busy to be bored. Welcome, what type of forums do you like to build? Lion faces Banana split sounds good to me as well.

My pants are full of feces now. OK dude, tea break over back down the salt mines. ;)