Sunday, December 16, 2012

My life is in danger, my life is not in danger.

Over five years ago I exposed some scammers and hackers and so they are mounting a smear campaign and impersonating me on various sites and blogs.

The Photo is used on and is displayed along with an address. I have asked the owner to remove it but he refuses. I supplied a link to urljet.

The TOS of urljet clearly states that Impersonation is against their Acceptable use policy. Yet they are allowing one of their clients to abuse their TOS and will not enforce their own rules.

The group that is impersonating me want my other personal details to further harass me, if I do a DMCA report my details will be forwarded to the hackers by DMCA, and so will put my family and myself in danger, this is unacceptable. I have explained this to the host.

The main imposter is an Indian guy, He is an IT engineer for the Kerala Public works department in India, (I have many of his IP.s that he has used to impersonate me) yet he is using my "White" photo as his own. A simple check of my IP (from Australia) and the imposters from India will easily show the truth.

I have tried to keep this short and to the point, I have a lot more information that I can share with urljet, but they stopped responding to me, so I have no other recourse than to bring things out into the open to obtain some action.

Hi. My life is not in danger due to a picture. however the people responsible have used personal information to harass people. They have chopped photos and put PERSONAL information onto the covers of a a Kiddy porn magazine and sent copies to the victims employer and friends.

They have chopped a ladies photo onto a made up "slut" magazine cover and sent it along to her employer and posted it on the internet.

They have set up some blogs and sites that impersonate me I have been successful in dealing with decent hosts and some have been closed down.

Now you can understand why I will never post my personal details on the internet or give it to anyone who I do not trust. I will not subject my family or loved ones to the possibility of this kind of harassment.

It all STARTED over five years ago, but the impersonation and use of my stolen photo is current it happening NOW.

Thanks. However I have contacted them and even given them his IP and username that he is using to surf porn websites using the government computer. Along with other information, I have had No response from them.

I understand that "Backshee" (back handers) are not unusual in India.