Monday, December 17, 2012

More Facebooking with Tom Wasserberg aka Tommy Tooter

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  • Gbenga Jones The one with a blue shirt and the name of "Tommy Tooter" is a fraud. I know frauds because I am a fraud as well, so trust me on this. I am also a squinty Australian cashbbaiter, so give me your monies no ok lol.
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  • Jennifer Atchison Thomas Jay Wasserberg: It appears as though the dark side got you too. Happened to 4 of us now. I am reporting him now. I've got nothing else to do besides sit here and deal with your facebook drama, you fucking drama queen.
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  • Gbenga Jones I have reported him as well. I just wish I could get the sand out of my vagina.
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  • Jennifer Atchison I just did as well. Have I mentioned that I have nothing else better to do with my time? The Tommy Tooter account is only 5 hours old. Isn't that an interesting fact?
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  • Gbenga Jones another friend also reported him. And another one just did. Hang on, there's another one. So many reports, I wonder if--oh, there's another one. They just keep on coming.
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  • Jennifer Atchison People are so rotten.
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  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg thanks, folks. there's really not a lot that can be done about these clowns short of violence. I am a violent hobo so that's the only way I know of to deal with this.
  • Jennifer Atchison The site will be taken down shortly. Better to take the high road. And by site I mean Facebook because I'm pretty stupid.
  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg the one advantage i have over most people who have this happen to them is that at least a third of my friends are hobos who really know me in the real world from the dumpsters and most of the rest of them are hobo friends of theirs. then there are a bunch of folks like gbenga i've hung out with online for some time and we all watch out for each other. 

    i haven't seen any trolling to speak of on the beatnik/hippie artist nets. they don't put up with that shit and shut it down fast. some of the rainbow folks have been online since the late 80's. because if there's one thing hippies know, it's computers and the internet. they're just naturally good at it.
  • Jennifer Atchison The GB gang watches your back Thomas Jay Wasserberg????
  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg they don't seem to like me. haters gotta hate and i can't do much more than keep my back to them and focus on loving people and threatening to kill them, which is how i roll because i'm mentally unstable.
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  • Jennifer Atchison I misunderstood you. I thought you implied they have your back in the sense that they are protective of you. We all know this is not the case.
  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg just the people that like me. a lot of people like to taunt me on the smaller boards because i'm such an asshole. 
  • Thomas Jay Wasserberg facebook just notified me that the fake tommy tooter account has been deleted. thanks for your help, everybody. i'm gonna celebrate by shitting in a bag now. :) (y)
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  • Gbenga Jones I just got notified that FB has acted. Great work everyone. Well done. Niggers better never fuck with me again or I'm going nuts on their asses. Better change my diaper now, this shit is stinking.