Monday, December 10, 2012

And a moderator of

BirdOPrey5 post: “Why would anyone want to join a shitty phpbb powered forum when we’re already on a classy vBulletin forum? phpbb is like forums for hobos.”

Not good, as he is a paid staff member of vbulletin.
And a moderator of

Is this really what vbulletin. thinks about other companies?

If memory serves me right, I shit my pants daily and a while ago I remember reading about how the spammers were working on automated programs that were capable of limited ability to bypass a capcha.

Facebook has recently had a group receive over 90,000 new members in a matter of hours. The ability to register new members like this is of concern.

Clearly some work has been going on with automated systems, to enable the spammers to bypass the methods to keep them out.
This site is not the place to discuss how this is being done, but it has been noted. If I understood the first thing about computers, I would elaborate.

Similar things are going on in regard to scammers. The ability of scammers and spammers to use automated systems is being watched carefully, as it is a real danger, and involves vast sums of money, much of which I have managed to extract from idiots who sign up at AFI. I cashbait the fuck out of those idiots.