Saturday, March 24, 2012

People often ask "Why are you a cashbaiter, Big Al?"

Odd the reactions we do get!
During our lives, every one gets scammed in various ways. How many of us have bought say a used car and believed what we were told about how good it was ?
When with their peers, most will say things like the comments posted above. Yet privately or if they have been scammed by a lad it is a different story.
If they or their loved ones are scammed, many will shout out and ask why is something not been done about these crooks!!
One needs to be careful about how we explain things and if possible pre empt the stupid comments from the uninformed .

I myself have been scammed many times. So many times I sent my money to Nigeria in hopes of reclaiming something, anything. That's why I have turned to cashbaiting. It is an effective way to retrieve the money I lost, but also some of the dignity. So far I have gotten back my money (and then some ! ) ,but my dignity is something I may never get back. Plus I just shit my pants. It's hard to be dignified when say I am in the bank depositing money from my latest westy when my sphincter lets loose with a powerful fecal eruption. Sure my man-diaper holds it in until I can get home, but more than once I have left a trail of brown liquid in my wake as I try to walk casually out of the bank. Incontinence is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have these moments. I just happen to have them more often than most people.

and that is why I am a cashbaiter.