Wednesday, March 21, 2012

in everyone's life they have been scammed in some form or another

Hi Chandy . Having some interesting events. LOL.

Yes some people do think like this, until either themselves or a close relative loses money to a scammer and then who can they turn to for help?

I would venture to say that at some time in everyone's life they have been scammed in some form or another

For instance, I lost my entire savings to a scammer which is why I am on this crusade to get revenge on them. I get revenge by sending them emails. That's it. I have someone who phishes their passwords sometimes, but really I am shit at this whole thing.

Unfortunately many victims are good honest people who really have no comprehension that another human could sink so low as to scam. We help them in any way we can. Here's how we help: "That email is a scam." Like Eskimos with snow, we have 73 ways of saying this one thing.

Wise words from Mill. If you are financial enough, then becoming a donating member can do miraculous things. 

It must be genuine, as it has the red seal of truth and is signed by their leader "Tony Blair" I always wondered what he did in his time off.

2011 was a year of change. 2012 will herald in even more change. 2013 will be level off with just a little bit of change. 2014--now there's a year that will be fucking crazy. 2015, who knows. 2016 will be big for an incontinence cure and then I'm coming back baby, full blast!!!!!1!1!!!1!