Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Passed through Brissy 25 years ago,a shithole,lol

my house ain't at wot fucking ever court yo dickhead,lmao

might well be,pity it's not my house,lmao

Passed through Brissy 25 years ago,a shithole,lol

no such thing fool,lol

i'm not,lol

why do you lie and cheat people of money?

hahahahaha ,am i or aren't i ? hmmmmmm ???? lmao

cos your chandy boy,the Indian scammer from Kerala,lol silly little bhangi boy

hahahahaha ,wotever,lmao

someone who obviously knows alan well,lol

bhangi boy,lol

selsun blue,lmao

Miyuki, I want your panties.

I fucked Karen up the arse ,then came over her face ,just like i did to chandy bhangi boy,HAHAHAHAHAHA

Alan James Watson likes cum in his mouth and arse ,bhangi paki

Anal James Watson and Austen Tayshus both double team Darren at ragstyles

twould be worrying if it was me.lmao

glad you agree chandy boy,lol

hahahaha ,from what i can find on a google search,that addy is an office block,lmao You're paranoid chandy,not everyone is this al joker ;-)

you're better at searching than me,i accept that,lol,pity you can't find the right house for me ,cos i ain't your mate 'al' lmao

you've got a complex about'al ',haven't you ? Did you annoy the fella or something?,lmao

As a Bhangi boy,didn't you lick his toilet clean properly? lmao

It's a quiet day,i'm bored,lol

hahaha,shake the paki from your arse,lol

fuck knows,probably sitting back laughing at you dumb fucks,lol

please knock,we can chat,lmao

I am ,that's why i want you to knock you idiot! lmao

Whoever's there is gonna piss em selves,lol

hahaha ,am i really al ?????? Hmmmmm ????? hahahaha

Anyway bhangi boy,time for bed here,Same bat time ,same bat channel tomorow? ,lol

gotta get my beauty sleep,lol cya ;-)

hip's fine,y u ask? ,lol knee's a bit dodgy tho,lol


you've gotta be more trustworthy than chandy boy,lol

so you've just admitted that you are involved in scamming?

Can I get some of your panties too? I will make soup from them.

I really like Raul Moat. He was a standup lad.

I own a house on Speckled cct, you can rent a room from me. Right now I use it as a boiler room, but if you promise not to run any international operations from it, you can have it.