Monday, July 26, 2010

You may have noticed that I usually do not bother to answer the bullshit that brainwashed cretins like you tend to post.
So I will not be entering into discussions with you when you are just too stupid to work out the truth, and instead you just post the crap that you are fed by the eater retards. I will however explain some FACTS for the benefit of the members.

First of all WHERE did I say that Rover had been arrested? Why do you post unsubstantiated crap? Do you get your arse patted for doing it, whilst making yourself look a total wanker to those who are aware of what is really going on?

Maybe the interview is why xxx came back from his recent trip to a certain Spanish speaking country along with xxxx who met him there?

For the record, I have not "abandoned' the previous owner of dot net as you falsely claim.
I will not post anything about the support I am affording anyone who stand up to the lies from eater but it is there.
Oh WAIT! I was under the impression that despite NO proof and many denials from me, that I was falsely accused of being the owner of Dot net?
WOW could this be PROOF that eater lied about me along with many of their lackeys? Even you now admit that I was NOT the owner of dot net as was claimed many times by the cretins.

Yes, I bet you would Love to find out some of my sources, but this will not happen.
The information that I and many others now have has been passed along to leo NOT to eater lackeys, who are so afraid that they post by hiding behind anonymous nicknames on AMB and other forums.

If you support the eater retards by your actions, as you are doing, then either you are incredibly stupid or one of them, and will go down with the others.

The stupidity of the retards in continuing ineffectively, to try to ridicule any one who exposes them, has only increased the determination of those so dog-piled on and has brought many others who are pissed off with the crap that has been fed them, on board.

These others also bring along with them more and more information that is very useful.

If I am wrong and eater is right then that forum would be enjoying an increase in membership and viewings, Right!
But if I am right and they are wrong, then they would be experiencing things like a 47% drop in viewings and the stepping down of many Mods and the leaving of members for other sites. Right!

OOPS: did we see FIVE mods step down in ONE day, have we seen more mods resign as well as an admin resign?
Have we seen many members leave? have we seen the seniors take action to hide the truth from their members?

The infantile posting of crap by those retards who can only follow what they have been told, instead of opening their eyes and finding the truth for themselves only serves to show how much they are to be pitied.

Thank you for posting such crap, as it allows me and those in the know to have a good laugh at you and the other lackeys who are so keen on showing how brainwashed they are.