Tuesday, July 6, 2010

an innocent man !!

To any person of intelligence, it would be obvious that there is a difference between posting the photograph of a well known scammer and listed sex pervert like Daniel Berner, who voluntarily posted all the photo's we have of him on the internet himself, And the photograph that was stolen from my Pc by a hacker in an illegal act from a cafe in Rotterdam. (Yes it is still being investigated ) and who then posted it on my blog, after stealing the password and so denied me the use of the said blog.
As you are well aware because I have said it many times.

Only a retard would even consider that there is a similarity, but then you seem to fit right into that bracket.

Also why did you post the photograph of an innocent mans house in your signature?

Why did YOU post the photograph of a fellow baiter that was stolen from his pc?

Why do you support the victimizing of an innocent man and his children?

Why do you support the phoning up of this man at three in the morning and scaring his children? is this the mark of your character?

Why do you support the harassment of a totally innocent man and his family?

Why do you support the eater senior guys who are into cashbaiting, and setting up of fake sites to scam innocent victims?
Are you one of those who do this?

OH yes, I see that you have admitted cashbaiting and so are among the despicable scammers who infest this planet.

Are you one of the Afrikanerbroderbond guys who now run eater and some of their allied sites?

Why did you post a fake screenshot in a feeble attempt to protect the scum who cashbait ?

Why do you disgrace your fellow Indians by these sorts of acts?

Before you start to criticize me for doing the right thing and exposing scammers, sex perverts and thieves like Daniel Berner, you would be well advised to put your own house in order first and then you would not come across as a brainwashed fool and a lackey for those who steal from the innocent.

Tell me Soyl, how you feel about supporting the crooks who steal from the mouths of innocents, how do you justify the stealing of money from people and leaving them destitute? Why do you support the scammers who do these things?
Are you so bereft of any conscience that you feel that slagging off at me is more important than helping people who could lose everything to the people who you support by your actions? how would you feel attending the funeral of a father of five who committed suicide as a result of the actions of those who you support?

Your race and colour do not concern me, but the blackness in your soul is to be pitied.