Tuesday, July 6, 2010

dot net

Remember the BS that was posted as FACT that I was the owner of dot net? remember all the little brainwashed lackeys jumping on the bandwagon and spouting forth their crap? how many have had the courage to apologise and admit they were WRONG? Cowards all.

Are you now saying that they are liars and I have again be proved to be telling the truth?

Why would it concern you what I posted on any site? Unless you are one of the brainwashed lackeys who is being exposed, in such a case your input is irrelevant to any honest person.

The end game has begun and there have been two arrests, I am sure more will follow. Maybe you would like to ask these two if I have been speaking the truth?
It is a little too late for you to try to support the cretins by opposing me, as it will have no influence on what is to come.

The number of people and groups both LE and non Le who are against the illegal actions of the cretins are growing almost daily. I am aware of FIVE groups at present. So you can see I am not mounting a lone campaign, many are seeing the truth and joining in the exposing of the cretins.

If you had the slightest shred of decency you would open your eyes and check what is really going down, and then you would support any person who was involved, in exposing the horrific things that the cretins are doing.
or maybe you support cashbaiting of serial victims. or KP? It makes no difference to me what you say, things are in motion that will take care of all those who are involved in the illegal and disgusting acts that the cretins are involved in.