Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just so that we do not get our wires crossed and undo the work
done so far I wrote this

I do not believe that the sites per se,
are allied with eater but there are senior members in both camps! Who
are working in secret.
As proven by the secrecy about Lotta/ Calamity Jane and why This was
such a sensitive issue!
You have seen the almost panic reaction to her being exposed! and the
frenetic posting by senior management on here and "the truth blog" when
I revealed this info, even bringing Varod/ knightly out into the open to
do some Al bashing! This from one who prefers to stay in the background!

As I am only telling the truth, their only reaction can be to try and
portray me as a nutcase, so that I will not be believed! as the last
you Add It up for yourself and ask why?
I have never said that the two sites are 'joined' but that senior
members are in both camps! as things progress you will see this is
true! for example:

We now see a situation where LOTTA/ Calamity Jane is an admin on eater
and also still a mod on various alliance sites!
When she first joined she was kicked out and then re-admitted!against the wishes of some senior members at that time! what deal did she do to get back in?
Now if she is in with the alliance then why has she been made an admin on eater?
And if she is in with mike then the alliance management have been made to look like right fools! And as has been said mike would NOT promote anyone who was not 100% eater! ergo the alliance management are fools!

Knowing what we do about the quality of the mods on eater, I can only
guess what one has to be like to become an admin! yet we still see the
alliance defending her! why? We see that I have been banned from ils on
trumped up charges, yet an eater ADMIN is still on there as a mod??

When they have slammed eater mods and admins so badly on 'the truth'
They now defend and support one?

You will all have noticed that the alliance management is VERY
reluctant to even mention her name! let alone discuss her role between
both sites!
They would not mention her name at all until I made it very clear who it
was by continuously mentioning her name ! They have even threatened
members who mention her double role or reveal that they are the same
person! again why!
Again you see the latest answer from Knightly with no answer to my
question about Lotta! Ditto for Thunderchild! What role has she been playing that they will not
even mention her names together? More deceit for their members !