Monday, November 25, 2013

the light of truth

If the OP is genuine then I see no reason to withhold the name. After all, the OP has no problem with allowing posts on his site that wrongly name and defame people without any proof, so why is there a problem with him disclosing the name? Is it Alan James Watson aka De Master Yoda aka Gbenga Jones? Yes, yes it is.

Quite amazing, I admitted to keeping a members money and not doing the work. When questioned as to why I ripped a member off my excuse was "he deserved it" I too seem to be protected by the staff along with BirdOPrey5. How culpable are the senior staff members on When I cashbait, I never tell the mugu I got his money. That's just good practice.

Yet good decent members who ask genuine questions or post valid comments or shit their pants are banned. WHY?

Once some staff members turn to the dark side they slide ever deeper in to the abyss and then they run away and hide, too afraid to answer questions that would expose their black cocks.

When the light of truth shines on them they scurry for cover under their rocks. Such is the character of these Staff members of

The more I check on the internet about comments posted regarding AFI the more a picture of abject failure is emerging.

Not too long ago anyone who exposed the failings of AFI were criticized and often called trolls.
Not so much now, as so many others are proving that what was said is turning out to be accurate.

The BS continues on and probably will until the last staff member is fired or let go. Employment wise they are digging their own graves.

It is obvious that there is no one in authority that can see the failure and impending and inevitable results of the infantile actions of the ego driven staff members like De Master Yoda or Miyuki.

No matter how much money one section of a group is making, eventually it will stop bleeding money to any other section that is going downhill.

The total lack of action by the top management says it all, as they happily feed the staff members to the wolves.

Wake up morons, the customers are mainly experienced admins and webmasters who are clever enough to run websites, so can see through your BS quite easily.

Instead of coming on here trying to muddy the water even more, how about trying to treat your customers with the respect they deserve and give them an adult diaper.
A good start would be to publicly apologize for the stupid past actions, reinstate the wrongfully banned members and return the altered comments back to what they originally said.

It is quite revealing that you ban members for posting truthful valid comments, but say you cannot act to stop an accused scammer from posting, indeed you have actually supported him and allow him to continue to post offering work on websites.

When you discuss with the others why things are going so badly wrong, try discussing the points above and maybe, just maybe you will actually see the light.