Thursday, December 5, 2013

The BS continues on

The more I check on the internet about comments posted regarding AFI the more a picture of abject failure is emerging and the more gaseous I become and the more I fart and then shit myself.

Not too long ago anyone who exposed the failings of AFI were criticized and often called trolls. 
Not so much now, as so many others are proving that what was said is turning out to be accurate.

The BS continues on and probably will until the last staff member is fired or let go. Employment wise they are digging their own graves.Bowel movement wise, they are shitting rivers of lava-like feces.

Not all AFI staff members are incontinent but they do tend to get lumped in with those that are unethical.

Words are cheap but I believe in this, "By their DEEDS ye shall know them"
(or in some cases by their LACK of necessary deeds)

Such deeds as lying to customers and posting propaganda about how great the load of crap known as De Master Yoda, is unethical.
Protecting liars and unethical staff members who support scammers and hackers is unethical, as is refusing to act fairly when an official complaint is received.
Deceiving customers and members by only allowing pro AFI comments to remain is unethical.
Banning customers whose only crime is to shit their pants is unethical.
Altering customers and members posts to alter their intent is unethical.
Calling customers stupid for actually trusting AFI and purchasing AFI on their recommendation is unethical.

Do I need to go on? I'll go on. It is true that SOME AFI staff are incontinent and kudos to them, but when the others act like dictators and do incontinent things then they will be considered unethical. 

The incontinent ones have had plenty of opportunity to change their Depends and do the right thing by their customers, but alas they have made no visible attempt to do the right thing and continue to play the big mister trick just to feed their egos.

When they do change their diapers then I will be happy to praise them but I have not seen any of this so far.

Extremely valid points. 
If the AFI staff were acting in a respectful and responsible manner and not farting in my face, then I am sure that some people involved in high end security would offer assistance but why would anyone offer help when they are acting in the manner they have adopted? They just fart in my face and I enjoy it.

As has been stated by many admins on here, IF the AFI staff acted properly then many of their customers would be willing to help them get AFI back up again. But as things are now, I just have a nose full of farts and a diaper full of feces.......

However the fact that you offered was commendable.

For a brief moment I thought about asking some of my high end security contacts to help, but I realized that with the AFI staff members mindset it would be a waste of time, so I did not disturb tommy or his friends. Then I realized I have no high end security contacts and I made it all up.

It is possible. :thumbsup: As they are usually very busy rummaging in dumpsters for their next meal indeed I only ask for help when it is really needed.

Instead of coming on here trying to muddy the water even more as I do when I shit in the pool, how about trying to treat your customers with the respect they deserve and giving them a handjob once in a while.
A good start would be to publicly lick my filthy taint, apologize for the stupid past actions, reinstate the wrongfully banned members and return the altered comments back to what they originally said.

It is obvious that there is no one in authority that can see the failure and impending and inevitable results of the infantile actions of the ego driven staff members like De Master Yoda.

No matter how much money one section of a group is making, eventually it will stop bleeding money to any other section that is going downhill. Cashbaiting is not for amateurs. I make a lot of money by bilking victims.

The total lack of action by the top management says it all, as they happily feed the staff members to the wolves.

πουστιά - poystia? :whistle: Hope I got it right. :ROFL: Sometimes I fuck up when I use Google translate to try and make people think I know some language other than bad English.

It is clear that the staff there have no concept of the methods used by the high end hackers these days.
Sorry guys, but the old security methods are no longer of much use. I used the same password on all my accounts and still got hacked.

As has been stated by many admins on here, IF the AFI staff acted properly then many of their customers would be willing to help them get AFI back up again. But as things are now....... :agreed: :thumbsup:

I think the word that applies to me is "INCOMPETENT"