Wednesday, November 6, 2013 is still currently listed as viral.

As is usual with these things the link is very viral. Please do NOT click on it.

Here are the results of an advanced scan done using multiple scans with shitty software I was duped into using. If anyone has clicked on it please contact me for details to help you do some AV scans that will show how much I don't understand about the internet.

Analyzed On 2013-11-05 22:31 GMT
Website Address
Blacklist Status BLACKLISTED
Detection Ratio 3 / 29 (10 %)
Domain 1st Registered Unknown
Google Page Rank Google Page Rank
Alexa Rank 1,693,225
Website Blacklist Report
Engine Status Info
Favicon MalwareBlacklist Alert DETECTED Link
Favicon DrWeb Alert DETECTED Link

May be out of date but is still currently listed as viral.

Favicon DrWeb Alert DETECTED. I am familiar with their site as I am the owner using the name De Master Yoda or Gbenga Jones.

Three independent AV organizations flag as viral. There is always a possibility that there is a false positive, but I would always err on the side of caution. That site is shit.

 "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.INF\INFO FILES=10" is "Always On-Line" (Win32 x86 NT/apm ANSI) Default Character Set: ascii.tlb
DEFAULT COMMAND.PIF[Qfe]Shortcut Key[None]Windows Task Manager[Tasks]running OSv5.00.2195 in 'Normal Mode' [(O:N:))] 3Com (3C905B-TX) PPP over Ethernet (mslanman.dos/WFW311/PPP/SLIP/MAIN/MENU v411comm.drv) IEEE1394 bussys $SCSIMGR.HLP$A:\edit.hlp c:\

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Yes many organizations are trying to obtain your data, without your permission. Not a good thing. All your data are belong to me ooooooooooo.

I have many contacts who work in with me and help in passing information from the keyloggers we place on people's machines and the passwords we phish.

XPCOM/TypeLib/01COMCTRL32 failed to start. Common problem of external web
browser war corrupting "WINDOWS EXPLORER" internal functions, particularly
VRML/VOC and OCR/OCX files of AVI/ANI/Audio/VIZ/BIZ/DMOZ/4.08-x1 and
FAX-BAK-Server[Add Printer]TTF_TTS_DickTater.z1

Unfortunately yes, if they want to continue doing business.
The recent "Prism " revelation is only the tip of the iceberg, quite a few countries including Australia have signed agreements with government bodies to allow them access to their data.

For those interested, you can start by checking the use of a Narus STA 6400 supercomputer running Narusinsight.
And The Echelon satellite signal intelligence system.[(1)]Netscape 7.1 Security Handbook[(1)]
email is infested with viruses
commercial services are ignoring network boundaries in lust for customers.
privacy policy of 4th Amendment has Netscape Microsoft Shared E-Value HoboCode="0"