Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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You are entitled to your opinion, (you do seem to have a problem with others exercising the same right) but I do post about many other things as well and as I have 137 likes received, it seems obvious that others like what I post. This seems to negate what you say above so neener neener.

If some one is in denial and refuses to face the truth, then I would suggest that person is in need of psychiatric help. Like me, for instnace.
Not some one whose only "crime" is persistence. (please read the quote at the bottom of this post.) By Calvin Coolidge.

The title of this thread is
I posted in accordance with this theme about a website that I think needs replacing, and I posted the reasons why I think so. I've done it multiple times, in fact, in case no one has noticed.
A member kindly answered and asked me questions about things so it is common courtesy for me to answer him and this I did to the best of my knowledge. He asked me why I am so stupid, and I answered "Because I have shit between my ears." He asked me what's a henway, and I answered "About 2 pounds."

If you do not like hearing the facts about anything, like hens, you are free to ignore any post, indeed no one is forcing you to read my posts if you do not wish to. It is your own choice.

Personally I have no issue with any member posting the truth and verifiable facts, and I cannot see why anyone else would object either, unless they had an ulterior motive. Or in the event that I am not posting facts but blatantly made-up bullshit that someone fed me from an anonymous email account which I choose to believe is true because it feeds into my already existing narrative.

If you wish to post in defence of Joe please feel free to do so, I will be happy to post my opinions on the matter, ad nauseam.

Joe is free to post and answer if he chooses, if he chooses to run away instead of answering, then this is his choice, but does show him in a bad light. The wrong thing is if someone is censored and prevented from answering, by say banning, as Joe and many of the bad guys are doing. Don't be a bad guy like Joe who got tired of my irrational behavior and general fucknuttery. Be a good guy and let me bang on about the same issues that were old 7 years ago and now have hair on them.

Now here is that quote from Calvin Coolidge you were waiting for.
When a great many people are unable to find work, unemployment results. --Calvin Coolidge