Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The last bastion of the totally incompetent.

A link to a site that may expose malware etc and the Vb censor team moves in. Same old.

Personal attacks and insults. The last bastion of the totally incompetent.

OOOO look some one is using insults and swear words. Lets all run away in fear.

Lets all say a silent prayer that Gbenga Jones can see the light and gain the knowledge to voice his opinions in a civilised and responsible manner.

There is a marked difference between an opinion and an inappropriate response based on ignorance, that hides behind profanity and insults, as it has nothing else to sustain it.

When you have to resort to such tactics you have already lost credibility.

After being attacked on many forums by scammers who I exposed and whose scam sites I close down ( this tends to aggravate them greatly) and by their lackeys like birdOPrey5 for over seven years continuously, I do now defend myself when I am attacked on any forum.

I do not know you, and so apart from you attacking me, I have no beef with you. I am quite prepared to leave you alone if you do the same with me. I have enough low life scammers and their lackeys to contend with to want to engage with anyone else. So I am quite prepared to stop engaging with you. So lets agree to disagree and just leave each other alone.

Full diaper, full heart.