Thursday, May 15, 2014

lack of interest in helping

I think that those involved should be treated harshly ( I cannot agree with killing them ) to discourage others. Those fuckers are cutting in on my business.

It seems that overall LE just do not have the manpower nor facilities to properly counter cybercrime in all its many forms. That's where I come in, with a bright red cape and a diaper full of poo.

I think as the internet is world wide, like a web, there is a need for legislation that is capable of countering malware etc on a global scale.

One of the drawbacks to this is the massive income that some governments make from cybercrime as such. It is said that the third largest source of income in Nigeria is fraud after minerals and oil. We can therefore see that they would be reluctant to stop this source of income unless they had to.

One of the other problems is that many Governments themselves are involved in using say Malware to further their own agendas. And this becomes a whole different ball game. IE the exposure by Snowden etc.

One of the discouraging things is to see internet users seemingly unconcerned about a lot of this, until it directly affects them. The lack of interest in helping those who fight this type of crime is evident, with people actually encouraging the miscreants and denigrating those who fight such crimes. Until the internet users as a whole begin to realize that cybercrime in its many forms are affecting us all then it will continue to be a problem.

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