Monday, May 27, 2013

stalking and harassing me

People may wonder why I shit my pants, or why a team of scammers are spending so much time in stalking and harassing me and investing time and money into corrupting admins on certain websites, so they will post lies and derogatory comments about me like the dirty niggers they are.

The answer is quite simple, approx 80 to 90 percent of their income was stopped by the simple act of closing down their scam websites. So the group who is controlling everything has to subsidize the pay offs, and this they do not like.

So what sort of money are we talking about? Here is a list of just FIVE sites that link back to Joes scammer pals.A hell of a lot more than five sites have been closed.
This does tend to PISS them off.

For more proof, here are just five sites that were pulling in over $300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 a WEEK EACH. This was a result of them using an automated system that was sending out Millions of emails a week.

Yes if my maths is correct that is 15876.5 MILLION dollars a WEEK just from five of their scam websites.

Joe, I hope you were compensated adequately and not on the cheap.