Monday, July 23, 2012

this is not the place to post a long list of complaints.

John how is your kiddy fiddling going? getting lots of sparrows to play with. 

Ok who has lost a lad recently? 

(Any of the pinks missing)? 

I think you got him. 

@Gemma. I am sorry to hear that you were hacked. As it seems all your sites were affected it does seem like you were targeted.

I know a little of what this is like, as I was hacked twice and my personal information stolen, to be used by low life's and those who support them.

Your loss is more than mine and I am sorry to hear about it. 

The hackers and scammers pose a real threat to decent people and many of us are doing our best to stop them, but sadly they sometimes have influence and are believed by others. 

I am not a tech but If I can help just ask. AL.

@Gemma. An area for concern is how did they gain access? Is your pc security also compromised 

I think it would be a good idea to do some scans for a keylogger. 

If you need a good free anti root kit program just send me a pm and I will give you the details.

As has been pointed out by the mods here, this is not the place to post a long list of complaints. 
A google search will provide plenty of complaints against hostgator like
To show just one link. 

Interesting, to see that instead of helping settle a complaint against hostgator you resort to veiled threats.

quod erat demonstratum.

I find it presumptuous of you to say this when you have no idea of my experience with hosts.
Where do you get your information from to make such an uninformed statement?

I am basing my comments on my personal experiences with Hostgator over many years, NOT as an agent of theirs. How about you?

If you have had good service from them, then I am happy for you, but you are not qualified to comment on others experience unless you were directly involved with them.

If Hostgator had done and were doing the right thing, then I would praise them but so far in my experience they have not done so. 

If any organization does the right thing then it is proper to praise them, but conversely, if they consistently do the wrong thing then they should be exposed for these actions.

There are many bad reports about Hostgator.

They have a reputation as one of the worst organizations to remove scammers and fraudsters from their sites.

I personally had a very bad experience with them. I would recommend that you look elsewhere for hosts.

If you work with them maybe you could ask them why they are so reluctant to remove obvious scammers and spammers when they are reported to them ? In this regard their reputation is abysmal.

I understand they have a lot of complaints that have been sent to ICANN and more are in the pipeline.

Thanks for the heads up.
It is a shame that some lowlifes try to impersonate others to cheat with and a shame that some people actually support these scammers on their websites.

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Amen to that. Good observation.

Good Idea. 

The main weakness for spammers is that somehow, somewhere , sometime, they must post a link to the site that they get paid from, otherwise in the case of most spammers it is a waste of their time to post. 

Some spammers will post simple nice comments, until they get to ten posts and then post a link.

If a mod can detect the links then maybe it can be used to stop the spammer?

None so blind as those who will not see, I guess.
Mine's the one with the white stick on the icon.