Friday, June 1, 2012

Not running out of ideas, just recycling

Tiny Dan as he is known, has told many lies about his employment.

So far he has been a pilot, a chef, an english teacher, a lawyer, a dance instructor. A diplomat, and many other professions.

What his real profession is, is that of a low life scammer and deported sex pervert, who preys on the generosity and kindness of his victims, he is such a poor example of a man, that he cannot do any decent honest work.

Danny I hope that you find it harder to find victims and that life becomes more unpleasant for you.

Hi welcome back to eater LOTTA. Oh wait sorry, goodbye AGAIN Lotta. :lol: :lol:

Having a few problems LOTTA, aka Calamity Jane.

Maybe the money you needed for your legal bills was not forthcoming as soon as you would have liked eh? :roll:

Try the Miller side, see if they have any spare. :o

I dont know what the fuck that means either, so dont worry about it.