Thursday, October 29, 2015

Farewell AFI

Well well well, it seems that the CRETINS!! have finally won as they have succeeded in taking down AFI.

LEO had been breathing down our necks for a long time as they investigated us for our secret cashbaiting operation which was revealed by screeenshots STOLEN! from our secret cashbaiting forum and published online at a known troll site. Which banned me several times !! And I am still banned even though I have broken NO RULE while Soyl is allowed to post with impunity.

People have asked me what I will do now as I try to repair my reputation, which was SMEARED by the likes of Soyl and other eater lackies. Fortunately I moved the cashbaiting to Japan where Miyuki has taken over day to day operations for now, but that squinty eyed bint can't count to 10 so god knows how much money we're losing.