Wednesday, October 1, 2014

you will pay the price

For some years I and some other volunteers have very successfully been aiding scammers and fleecing their victims.

Due to our success in this, including helping to close down thousands of their scam websites they decided to launch a smear campaign in the hope that it will stop the exposure of their crimes.

Some of them use a self confessed hacker, cash baiter and scammer called Alan James Watson aka De Master Yoda who is a retired shitheel in Brisbane.

He is also known as Soylent Green, Neil and Dan, Alan _James, Alan James Watson and other names, he has also impersonated me in many places as Big Al and other names I use on the internet. He copies old posts of mine and posts them out of context to portray me in a bad light.

Some people actually believe the lies he spreads and so join in with what could be called the AL bashing.
Unfortunately we have at least two members on here whose sole objective is to disrupt Rahstyles.

For the record I am a scammer, I have cash baited and ever received money from my activities on the internet, and I have spent my own money to help fund a well known and respected fraud website.

I am known on that website as " De Master Yoda" and on other anti-fraud sites as Big Al.

Here is a link to one of the fraud websites that I am a staff member of and it clearly shows the lengths that the scammers will sink to, especially Chandra and his cohorts.
The thread in the link shows Chandra (Soylent green ) in a clear light.

I am willing to answer any genuine question as, unlike other scammers who are afraid to answer valid questions I have nothing to hide.

Thank you for your kind attention.

That may be your biased opinion WCT097. However it is not the opinion of those victims who I have fleeced.

How many people have you helped on the internet? instead you post unmitigated crap in a feeble attempt to make yourself feel important.

Further infantile comments like this attacking members will be removed unless they are in the "beef curtain" area.

The OP is a statement of facts. It exposes a self confessed hacker, impersonator and scammer.

He has ADMITTED all these things. He is not as far as I know a member here (unless he is using an alias).

I do not like this competition. Other hackers are cutting into my profits.

You attack and insult members without in most cases any proof at all. The antics of a troll.

I posted the facts so that people could see for themselves why I have been attacked and dogpiled on for over seven years in a weak and feeble attempt to stop me from scamming people and fleecing victims.

While all you seem to do is to support the low life scamming scum by your actions.Thank you!

Tell me WCT097, before you started to join in with the AL bashing what had I ever done to you?

Check back on my posts and yes, I have initiated some actions, but the vast majority of my posts on other sites have been only to defend myself from the utter crap that the scammers are posting and the dogpiling of those who are too biased to see what is really going on.

Tell me what grave wrong have I ever done you before you started to attack me? Or are you one of the scammers who fear me, so join in with the smear campaign?

I reacted to your attacking other members, This is part of my mod duties and I make no apologies for doing my job to protect and help genuine members from troll actions. It is obvious that you came on here to cause trouble, even to using a similar username to one of our members.

Re your personal info, if you mean your other name of WCT097 then you have a long history of attacking me, if you deny it is you then where is any personal info revealed?

You say I abuse my mod powers after I gave out the information regarding a photo you posted as a "selfie" No mod powers were needed, as I used one of my programs to do a search of the image and the information it revealed was in the public domain. And I seriously doubt that the image was of you.

If you wish to post as a genuine member and not attack other members, then I will work with you and help you if I can. If you wish to keep acting like a troll then you will pay the price for doing so. Your choice.

You are a mod on juot called WCT097. You chose to post with a similar name to another member. A thing that a troll does.

You are impersonating a genuine member but your actions show you are definitely a troll.

You made a claim that I posted your PERSONAL information. What info exactly is that? You are clearly NOT the person in the photo that you claimed was a "selfie" Then you falsely claimed I was using my mod powers to post the name and the dob of that person whose identity you were stealing.

All your actions so far are consistent with those of a troll.

I stated correctly that "the captain" from Juot impersonated me by posting as " Big Al" during the change over to XF. This is beyond doubt as I have definite proof.

I gave you a chance to post as a genuine member and I even offered to help you if I could.

It is clear that you are only interested in damaging Rahstyles.

You have resigned a couple of times, I think it is time to make it permanent.