Saturday, June 18, 2011

Such a shallow life is pitiable.

And so we come to the last of the three stooges. Max power from another small website called

Now Max has posted many lies, remember the almost continuous posts by him saying that he is closing down the website? Max AKA ZETHON . Is like some one we have a lot of in Australia, usually running a small caravan or trailer park and is lord of all he surveys, we call them little Hitlers.

They get their jollies on having a little power and abuse it at every opportunity. It gives him a good feeling to have people crawl back to him asking for him to bestow his blessings upon them.
Such a shallow life is pitiable.

Now in his imagined magnificence he banned me and did not give any reason. He was asked repeatedly what AMB rule I had broken but was unable to answer, as I had NOT broken any.

Maybe real estate guys in his country act this way? He makes a big pretence of not wanting anyone's personal details posted but will not take action to prevent it on his small board.

How about that ADALID. it is surprising what information can be obtained. Maybe I will post more
and then when Max contacts me and asks questions, I can ignore him as he has done to me.


You cannot, as I did NOT break any AMB rules. Are you a man of integrity and will admit you made a mistake and reverse your bad mistake, or are you a coward and some one of no integrity or courage and will continue to impose the ban even knowing it was wrongfully applied? The answer is there for you to address.

Are you also one of the three stooges who is intimated by the others in order to keep them in your precious network?

MAX why did crunktimes leave the network after deleting all the posts relevant to it?

Why did their host EVICT them as they claim?