Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lets hear from the ones who seem to be paranoid about dragons!

Good question! I have been waiting for someone to ask!
As the idiots have been trying to use them as an issue to deride me with, with out knowing anything about them at all and how I used the story to make tc, lotta and nurse nasty look like total idiots.

Then lets see what they say they think they are! and then I will explain the truth and you will see why I split my sides laughing at them everytime they mention them!
So here is an opportunity for them to make absolute fools of themselves yet again, trying to justify the telling about them!

I would be very interested in hearing the stories they have spread in the admin and mod rooms trying to use the dragon tale to show that I am crazy and talk about dragons!
And how the listeners have swallowed every word without checking with me to find out the truth!
Over to you guys, this should be fun!

They are the ones who have been mentioning them at every opportunity, so let hear their explanations first! This is only fair!

I presume that Mak is waiting on the ones who use the dragons a lot, to explain all about them? as they use them so much they must have all the info about them !
They seem to have gone a bit quiet about them though ??

@The Insurgent,
Regarding your posts, you forget to mention that you changed the username three times ! mid posts.

I replied to one of your pm's but it was returned saying that no such user existed! also you failed to give me an answer to a question that the original poster should have known !

Neither You nor any one else
informed me that you had requested a change of username (mid posts I presume)
I also checked and the original posters name in the past, always finished his posts off with certain words, this was done on many posts but was absent on your posts today!

Based on this and as I could NOT contact you by pm I acted to protect what I thought was someone using another members username, as I am sure that any one would have done in the circumstances!

Due to the fact that I was NOT informed about these changes in username then I deleted your posts in good faith, obviously this was an error and I apologize for this. It would have saved any of this if I had been informed about your change of username ! so based on this I feel that I am not the only one to blame!
As requested by you I also removed your name from the post even though I was at that time still under the impression that some one was using your name without your consent!
I fully agree with a members right to post freely on here and would not delete for any other reason than to protect either the forum or as in this case another member!

And THIS is the person running scambaits?? my signature explains it all

Well it would seem that Thunderchild has finally snapped! he is now under the impression that he is an Indian man called 'Homi' he is even talking like him! Poor chap! This is NOT the behavior of a sane person!

It seems the strain of keeping up the lies has been too much for him!
He also started to post using a language that turned out to be 'Hindi'??

He has had these 'attacks' before and usually comes out of them, if questioned about things after, he often says that he was being 'satirical' and others do not understand? yeah right!

I have said often that he is mentally unstable and this proves it! A real embarrassment yet again for his fellow admins!
I think it is time for him to leave or at least take some time off to get well!
I do not know the medical term for believing that you really are some one else but he does need professional help!

ullo, ullo, wots all this ere then Ashley wants a spanking?

Just so long as it is not the manchester pirate!
WOW, was mikey there as well?

(actually he was I beleive, but at the 'secret' meeting with the three alliance admins!)
You say, you are telling that story!
No, I made it clear early on that I could not attend due to rl commitments.

How about you?

Oh sorry, I forgot for a minute that you are too scared to comment on alliance matters.
WHAT, you mean GLASCOW??
SSSH we know this, but och aye the noo, wots wrong wit ya mon, dinna ya know how to wind up wee Brucey?
Wow, that was fresh and new and so quick?
Nice of you to say I have the stamina of a bull!
[quote][ Eeh, you can't beat a bit o Bully ona Sunday./QUOTE]

EEh thars right there lass, or even toad in ole
an a bit o yorkshire pud! on side like!
Have you NO culture? this is why I said ON THE SIDE as well !
maybe just winding Goodey up?