Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One of them "Speckled2"

Soyl even to one as stupid as you it would be obvious that as I have been banned from crunktimes, that it is some one else posting as big al, probably you, as you seem to be so jealous of me that you post using variations of my user name on many forums.

Absolutely Hilarious, after crunktimes banned me (one of the reasons was I reported some trolls for posting viral links)

They let two trolls join. One of them "Speckled2" with probably his first post nicely posted a link with a virus in it.
Some members and mods clicked on it.

Using programs that are not usually available to their members I detected this, but what a shame I could not report it. Well one cannot if one is banned can one?

Now some of the crunktimes members have had the virus on their computers for some time.

What a shame. :o I wonder what information the trolls have managed to steal from their computers? :roll: