Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hello from Speedy, supermodel at because I shit my pants

Ban issued to user De Master Yoda

My main username is 'De Master Yoda' I am an admin on We fight scammers and aid their victims. 

Chandra is upset because we terminated his employment with afi and closed down many of his scam websites and deprived him of a lot of money as we saved many victims from losing their money to him and his fellow scammers. 

Judgement Room
Ban issued to user De Master Yoda

Jun 27, 2016
Issued To: De Master Yoda
Issued By: Speedy
Ban Date: Jun 28 2016
End Date: Never
Reason: Spam. Please contact the administrator if this was done in error.

Yes it was NOT anyone called 'De Master Yoda' but a low life scammer scum impersonating him. His real name is Chandra Sekhar Sathyadas.

He is a Malayalam Indian IT engineer as well as a scammer, hacker and cashbaiter. All self admitted.
 As he is pissed off as we closed down many of his scam websites, he tries to smear me and others by using their stolen images and internet usernames to post altered comments to make us look bad.

As he is quite happy to use a stolen image of me I, am not concerned about posting an image of him that he himself has posted in public.  But he isn't doing anything to a dog in this pic. 

I think there is a big difference in having a joke with some one online and deliberate trolling that is designed solely to hurt or embarrass people. 

Sadly there are people who troll and defame others for as they say the LULZ or just for laughs. The low intelligence and mental issues for these misguided morons are obvious to normal decent people. 

To actively attack and degrade people who do not deserve such harassment just for the amusement of those who cannot seem to find a purpose in life is very sad.

ADMIN said: ↑
Yea speedy would know a thing or 2 about this lol

Very true I have been the victim of a persistent low intelligence troll for over ten years now. So I am quite familiar with their tactics. I was even hospitalized for a few weeks after I had a mental breakdown due to online trolling. 

The staff on here have deleted quote a few spammers and trolls. If anyone thinks they are being trolled please report it to a mod or admin and they will be taken care of quickly.

As Chandra has admitted to having mental issues he also has an obsession with defaming me. I tried to help him by giving him the addresses of some doctors in Kerala, India, his home town who could help him, but he did not go and see them.

He has tried to join here using some of my other usernames but he has been spotted and removed quickly. 

He also joined as a guest several times and it was him who asked if I had been banned. He really has got severe mental problems. I take medicine to keep my problems under control. He doesn't. 

Unfortunately it may not be possible to help him with his mental issues.

There is trolling, and there is stalking for over 11 years just to defame someone. Trolling does not usually involve setting up websites and blogs etc to impersonate and defame someone.

One would think so but I stopped responding totally for about six months. The stalking INCREASED.

I think you are getting mixed between a troll and an obsessive stalker who has done this for 11 years.

Re "
His always getting upset about sombody talking shit to him on the internet or making fun of his username or sending stupid emails in his account."

Let me explain this a little and what is going on.  He is ripping me new assholes. For the last ELEVEN YEARS!! 

Trolling is one thing, the attacks on me over an eleven year period is something else. So lets look at some of the things that are being done NOT just a few emails. 

Mu username had been used to set up many blogs, facebook accounts and websites all designed to stalk and defame me (and others who also fight the scammers)  and it has made me wet my pants. 

A keylogger was used to steal my photo and this is being used along with variations of my username to post as me. And I am not doing anything to that dog in that photo. The dog loves me. That's all. 

86 failed hacking attempts over a two month period were launched against me. Over 800 were launched against one of our guys, all failed. Otherwise I would have hanged myself with my belt. 

Countless attempts have been made to hack me and to steal my passwords. (ongoing) Even on here Chandra has made many attempts to impersonate me. So I no longer use as my password. 

Many times he has tried to use a variation of my email by putting a number 2 in it like this alanjamesyoda@gmail.com2  he has been and is still using this to try to impersonate me.  And each time,  it drives a red hot knife deep into my heart. 

So why is he impersonating me and what is he doing? By setting up blogs and forums as me he then posts ALTERED copies of my old posts to embarrass or defame me. So it looks like I am posting rubbish he then re posts these along with links on other sites.  He has even said that I wear diapers! 

It's all lies, I don't wear diapers. I did when I was a kid,  but now I don't have to. I can control my shit almost always. 

So how would any of you feel if YOUR photo and username was used together to set up a website solely to post utter crap and lies about you? FOR OVER ELEVEN YEARS? How can I even SLEEP? 

Chandra also used the username of Soylent Green. here is a post we made on AFI due to his attacking the members of AFI. 

This is a MINUTE part of his attacks against us. 

Soylent Green and threats to AFI |

ADMIN said: ↑
Key loggers dont steal pictures they steal keys codes. If he's that clever of a hacker dont leave anything on your computer he can steal and your good. I wouldn't worry about all that stuff. I really doubt this guy can steal all that and not be in custody by the local police. If he was that much trouble and that good the cyber department would have charged him already even in india.

A keylogger gives access to ALL on your PC. We use such key loggers at AFI all the time. It is as though the hacker was sat in front of your PC. I was even sent a screenshot of my own desktop from the hacker who was traced to an internet cafe in Holland. 

The legal system in India is very different that here. Reports have been sent to the authorities but the art of giving a back hander (BAKSHEE) is rife in India.

Yes Chandra is a mentally disturbed Indian who is to be pitied. But I am to be pitied MOAR!! 

I have managed to close down quite a few of his impersonating sites and facebook profiles. He closed down all of mine. 

Whether it is decided to respond to him or not I will continue to do my best to stop him. I have been trying for the last eleven years. I will continue trying FOREVER!! 

--- Double Post Merged, Jul 1, 2016, Original Post Date: Jul 1, 2016 ---

In the link I provided you can see the response we received from some of our Law enforcement contacts.

A little note from our friends:

Per your request, we have reviewed the materials you have forwarded.

After a brief review by a few criminal psychologists in the department, the veiled threats indicate that this person's vendetta against real or imagined ˜wrongs™ is one of an imbalanced and immature individual. As the internet is filled with such individuals, our recommendation is to simply ignore them. Reading that 24,000 active members were ˜going to war™ caused us some amusement. We wish we had that type of manpower.

Your organization has provided valuable information that has led to numerous arrests and convictions, specifically because you followed procedures and understood that everything had to be verified by different means. Therefore, your reputation is secured and your assistance was and is very much appreciated. No one can take away your successes. Continue hacking those emails! 

Please keep us informed should any actual action be taken. Meanwhile, your report has been put into the circular file. 

To wind up this thread here is a song dedicated to Chandra Sekhar Sathyadas who is so ashamed of being himself he has to pretend to be others, unlike me who always uses his real name: Alan Janes Watson of 2 Spxkled Cct, Speingfield Lakes, QLD. 

Walk with me -- Through all my days
Sleep with me -- And know you're safe
Dream with me -- The whole night long
Wake with me -- To greet each dawn
Work with me -- Throughout the year
Build with me -- We'll build a home
Play with me -- You bring me joy
Rest with me -- And hold me close

Live with me -- Through pain and toil
Laugh with me -- Unleash my soul
Cry with me -- Our tears be one
Hold onto me -- Your pain is mine
Talk with me -- Keeping life anew
Lay with me -- I'm by your side
Dance with me --Our steps in time
Sing with me -- Our songs unsung

Chorus: Love with me

Have faith in me --I'll calm your fears
Trust in me -- And know I'm here
Look to me -- For strength and peace
Comfort me -- When I need you
Learn with me -- Throughout the years
Grow with me -- As the seasons pass
Pray with me --To the God we know
Love with me -- Be forever mine

Share with me -- Take my hand
Hope with me -- You have my heart
Fly with me -- Our path is one
Set me free -- Forever more

Chorus: Love with me

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

AFI lives!

If you thought the CRETINS!! would keep us down, you were sorely mistaken. AFI lives again as dot com, Go to for all the latest in cashbaiting and dark arts. You want cashbaiting? WE GOT IT! You want dark arts! WE GOT THAT TO!! You want volksanctums? Still don't know what that is, but we will get it. is your new home for all things Big Al and Miyuki from now on.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The real TRUTH!! about AFI

Revisit a classic post with all the screenshots of the behind-the-scenes action at AFI. YOu won't be sorry!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Farewell AFI

Well well well, it seems that the CRETINS!! have finally won as they have succeeded in taking down AFI.

LEO had been breathing down our necks for a long time as they investigated us for our secret cashbaiting operation which was revealed by screeenshots STOLEN! from our secret cashbaiting forum and published online at a known troll site. Which banned me several times !! And I am still banned even though I have broken NO RULE while Soyl is allowed to post with impunity.

People have asked me what I will do now as I try to repair my reputation, which was SMEARED by the likes of Soyl and other eater lackies. Fortunately I moved the cashbaiting to Japan where Miyuki has taken over day to day operations for now, but that squinty eyed bint can't count to 10 so god knows how much money we're losing.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sad news, house for sale

I am forced to sell my house at 2 Speckled Cct in Springfield Lakes due to the crushing financial strain of my multiple lawsuits against the CRETINS!! who would besmirch my good name. I thought I could keep it going for years but my cashbaiting slowed down when I was hospitalised recently with mental illness.

Please buy my house it is not too expensive I think, maybe more than the others nearby but I need the cash infusion. If you buy it now you can have the sheets on my bed.

Some people did not believe I had a swimming pool that I had built with cashbaiting moneys but I do.

All shit stains have been scrubbed out of the carpet except for one place. If you find it you qualify for an automatic discount.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Big Al trolls now AFI due to boredom and stupidity

Why, dear Alan, are you trolling your own board pretending to be an Indian?

Should you really be bringing your private pissing contests to a site dedicated to fighting scams and educating the public about computer security? Or has business been slow since you were exposed as a computer criminal?

How can anyone at AFI claim to be a security expert when I was able to log in and make a few posts (that were quickly deleted)? If you want to learn about computers and how they work, get your shit encrusted ass on a plane to India and let the experts demonstrate.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy holidays to all scambaiters

Big Al and Miyuki still have not figured out where their leak is, but now that they have deleted all incriminating evidence of their hacking from the private forums of AFI, they can rest safely this holiday season. There are nothing but screenshots to show what they have been up to these many years. As visions of sugarplums dance in their heads, let's hope Saint Nick brings them some common sense in 2015 and maybe a clue as to where it all went wrong for them.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

People who lost their minds in 2014

Big Al / De Master Yoda / Capt. Poopypants / Alan James Watson, the Innocent Man of 2 Speckled Cct., etc.

This was a big year for Al, the confirmed liar and man of no honour, whose incessant hectoring led to him being exposed as a fraud, a criminal, and a hypocrite. It also led to a house-cleaning at AFI, that den of vipers and hackers whose security has more holes than Swiss cheese.


She has now been reduced to making up fake extortion plots and making Tooteresque legal threats. Sad. Traffic at AFI must have slowed down now that people are waking up to the hacking and phishing there.

Let's hope for a better 2015 with more honesty from the frauds and criminals at AFI. If not that, at least more screengrabs from their illegal private forums.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A new day, a new blog

Questions are being asked, and an invitation issued here:

The world waits anxiously, said no one.