Saturday, July 16, 2011

well and truly baited.

This video shows that a decent scambaiter can successfully waste the scammers time and resources, and while he is wasting his time looking like a twit, he is not scamming some pensioners out of their life's savings.

This scammer was well and truly baited.

The scammer is the guy in the video , He thought he was going to get a lot of laptops and not pay for them.
But it all backfired on him and he ended up making this video.

The time he took to make it was time that he was not scamming, and it is is possible that a victim was saved while he was making it, and the victim did not have to suffer the misery of losing their money.

This is not guaranteed of course, but if many scammers waste their time like this then the odds grow that a victim will be saved.

Yes the scammer thought that if he did this video he would be able to get money from his "victim".
As usual his greed got the better of his judgement. If a scammer thinks he will be able to scam some money, then he will often do silly things.

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