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I am the bad one, Your garbage is getting worse! It is of course hard to fight the truth eh?

Oh dear things have got bad

I would suggest a po box for these railway timetables!
Why not scan them and email?? or do forged typewritten sheets not scan too good??
oh yes this would not involve giving out your address? He seems intent on getting members addresses??

This is NOT necessary as I have said before!

You should not have to rely on the information of bigal.
true this is why I have posted the actual words of the people involved and you have seen that they have NOT denied them !
You are losing it

You seem very preoccupied with ensuring that Ashley does not receive information...
Yet I suggested a quicker way of him getting it??
get real!
I am concerned that you are trying to get members personal details?

as you say I am the bad one, have I asked for anyones details??

Your garbage is getting worse! It is of course hard to fight the truth eh?

Whats next forged messages and emails??

@ Ashley, As a mod, I consider it part of the job to try to help and warn a member if I see anything untoward! this I have done.

I respect that this is your decision and sincerely hope that it will not backfire on you.

If it does and I can help or assist in any way please feel free to call on me.
More B S from Gunnar

If I was bigal or Manchy I would scream that I was being threathened now

Fortunately you are not me!
I have been threatened by eater and the alliance ever since I started to tell the truth about them so why worry about you?

I am not the one who is accused of sending threatening pm's, nor under suspicion for using the phone, neither is Manchy! YOU are!

I have found that People like Manchy and N Mature have only spoken the truth while you have spoken only lies and half truths! who then are we to believe??

As has been said a lot of this came to light when I came here and started to let people know what is going on!

I find it very curious that both obas and you are so against me when I have not spoken to either of you in the past except to maybe answer each others posts! so would not have upset either of you!

Why the venom and vitriol? what have you both got to hide or lose? that you attack me at every opportunity? surely you would welcome and support the truth being exposed? unless you have a lot to hide!

It is not I who is under investigation! I would not have the technical ability to work with keyloggers etc however as a member of the
'Death star' group who trained in these methods you would have the ability!

I welcome any investigation into myself or any one involved in these matters as I have nothing to hide! If any admin wants to ask me any question they know where I am !

@Sillietillie, thanks for posting with such honesty, however I would say that it is NOT a good idea to give your personal details to anyone on ANY site!

If Gunnar was a true friend he would I am sure, ask that you do not give him your details, to protect you as a friend! If as he is now trying to claim that others are keylogging, then he would insist on it!

As it seems from your posts that you have been harassed in the past it would be wise to not reveal this type of info, especially to one who is accused of sending threatening pm's etc!

I cannot see any reason to give your details to anyone, as there is no reason to do so, if your details are never published they can never be used to harass you!

It does not matter who is right in this fight but I would ask that you do not put yourself in jeopardy by revealing your personal details to ANYONE! this is just common sense! and it is not necessary to do so! your safety is more important than politics! please consider this!

@ Ashley, re
Honestly, NM, don't you think it's strange that all this stuff didn't start happening to you until Big Al showed up? I'm not saying it is him,

Almost right, but it started to happen AFTER N mature started to support me, if It was me, why do it to someone who is supporting me?? this would make no sense at all! however it would make sense for some one who is being hurt by this support to do this!
Just the truth

@Throbbo, During this entire episode I have proven that I am telling the truth many times, some proof has even been the actual words of the liars involved!
I have proved conclusively, IN THEIR OWN WORDS that aldavor and Witch, two alliance admins have lied to members, so it would make sense to think that they would lie again to Ranters!
What more proof can I offer apart from a signed statement by the other parties?
The admins have provided lots of lies, Diverting things and twisting of the truth and eventually falsified messages, in an attempt to 'prove' their point which seems to consist solely of character assassination, but they have given very little, if any proof of their statements! This has become more apparent as things progressed!

You have seen how they twist and turn but do not answer direct questions like the ones about 'Lotta'. Why is this? Surely the members on here and the alliance have a right to know why an eater admin is a mod on the alliance?

I am very sure that due to the many alliance members who have had the opportunity to have their say, that if they had any real proof of any bad things that I had done they would have produced it by now! with great glee!
The fact that by now they have not done so can only mean that they do not have any!

All I have seen is the same old eater tactic of character assassination, so that the truth will not be believed, as this is their only defense against the truth!
I was at first treated with suspicion by many members as you have seen by the posts.
One person who treated me with suspicion was 'Manchy' and he asked me many questions that I answered truthfully!

I do not know what other checks he carried out, but he did ask some searching questions and I presume based his opinions on the answers and things he found out!
As far as I can see he is not a person to be easily misled and I believe he does check on things before he ventures an opinion!
I am sure that he would not say things until he had checked them out throughly first!
Hi Gunnar

Hi I hope your trip was good, as you are now back, can you answer a simple question for me? -Are you a member of the group known as 'Death star' or any other spook group? Thanks
A simple yes or no!

Can you answer a simple question for me? -Are you a member of the group known as 'Death star' or any other spook group? Thanks
Why not answer

can you answer a simple question for me? -Are you a member of the group known as 'Death star' or any other spook group? Thanks

Why not answer?? just a simple question!
Re this,
From : Aldavor
To : bigal
Date : 2006-09-13 09:09
Title : Re: " personal"
You've got to be kidding, right?? WTF are you on? Let me make this absolutely clear to you once and for all: I will *not* read any PM's on SB or any of the other sites for ANY REASON whatsoever!! I told you this on ILS and I'll tell you now - this ain't gonna happen, so no more such requests ok?
Originally Posted by bigal
Hi, i need you to look for some pm's on sb that i know some members have been sneding about me . i can assure you i will NOT tell anyone abuot this !! thanks " Big AL "


What a load of crap!! I wondered when the false pm's would appear!
What is next, pics of my relatives??
Very eater like! you have just confirmed that you have become just like mikey!
The thought that I, as a member NOT in good standing would ask this of The owner who I am sure is not my closest friend! is just too stupid for words! If this is the best you can do then you are pathetic!
And as everyone knows I do make spelling mistakes but I do not usually transpose letters!
This is the desperate act of a sick person! this also proves to everyone that you do not have any evidence that is bad about me and you have to make things up!
Yet Another admin lies!

As Witch now seems to be over the attack on her By you know who! and is now posting on Ranter, and "bollockov' has posted PART of some of my pm's I think it is time to post the following.
I have been accused by Varod of not accusing anyone, despite my clear cut accusation that aldavor (the man with no honour) had lied, by saying he had NEVER read pm's and then admitting he had done so!
I now accuse Witch as an admin on the alliance of lying to me over whether she was passing my messages to others! It is now clear that the alliance admins are lying to protect their sites.

Many times I have been asked for proof, only to have anything I say twisted and turned, or deflected into "al bashing" therefor this proof is IN HER OWN WORDS! she lied as an admin to a member.

I have always had a lot of respect for Witch, but when she joins in the lies and by doing so betrays the trust we used to have in her then she has to stand with the rest!

I am posting the whole pm with nothing added or subtracted!

Remember it is the alliance admins who have been lying throughout this and the Ranters have seen through these lies as the poll shows!
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1st November 2006, 12:13 PM
Big Al

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your assistance please
Hi xxxx, I would like to ask for your assistance on a matter that has
snowballed into something that I did not intend !
If you remember I asked you about a concern of mine that my messages
were being passed around to others ! and you replied
"your emails are not being shared with others.Just you and I on these
items.If i feel pertinent things are neccessary to share with the
others,I will ask if i can post only the part from your email,again with
your approval first.I have learned my lesson on this fiasco.XXXX"

As I was sure that they were being passed around I put a test question
in!! I said "like monitoring our pms" to see if that was passed on !!
Within a short time I got a message from T C quoting those words back to
so they were passed on without my permission! I was very disappointed
and upset with this, and as I have been quite ill it really got me down!
As a result I may have said some things to people whilst under the
medication that I should not have !
Now I am a bit confused as Alvador is saying that I told a lot of people
that I said he was looking at pm's ?
and asking me to apologize for saying this to a lot of people? on all
the forums!
As you know you are the only one who I even mentioned this to!!
AS Alvador is asking me to post an apology in the open forum, I would
also have to post this as well otherwise the message would not make
I am trying to avoid this as you have always done the right thing by me
in the past and I would like to avoid any unpleasantness from being
posted on the forum, as it would not look good for any of us !
Big Al
Yet again Knoghtly is shown as lying!

@ knightly, yet again you mention the name of an innocent member! I could refute your claims easily and show yet again that you are lying by posting some of the answers that this member sent to the admins, but I will not do this without her permission! so I will post something that I put on another forum where you have never had access.

The debacle then progressed to the main accusation, that xxxx and I had -1- discussed suicide with a victim! and -2- that we had done so without notifying any of the others!! the second charge was nullified by xxxxx finding my posts where I had sent to the management, my concerns as outlined above!!
Re the first charge, I have repeatedly asked them for any proof or evidence, that they may have to back up this allegation!!
All I have got in reply is insults, more accusations and other things not relevant to any proof!!
They cannot give me any, as there is none!! as WE DID NOT TALK TO ANY VICTIM ABOUT SUICIDE AT ANY STAGE .
Contrary to what is being said, I resigned my moderator title as a protest !! it was accepted but I was NOT demodded as witch is now trying to say!
I also resigned from fraudwatchers at the same time, for the same reason!! however not only was nothing said, but as well as my account being closed, my ip was BANNED !! (banning by stealth??) so until I changed my ip I could not even look at the site as a member of the public!!
So summing up ---We have NEVER at any stage talked to any victim about suicide!! and so have not put the sites in any danger as is being used as an excuse by the admins!!
This has been pointed out MANY times to the admins to no avail!! so there can be only one reason!! they do not want to believe the facts!!
It is obvious then, that the conversion by the admins to an eater clone type of site is now complete!! as they are mimicking them in a lot of ways !!

This explains the reason for my resignation! and also the original false accusation! That we had put the site in danger by talking to a suicidal victim WITHOUT telling the admins! As has been shown the admins were informed that we had concerns about this victim and we not only informed the admins about this, but were congratulated by them for the way we were handling the matter!

The sending of a motivational song was admitted by me but was not part of the original accusation but was made into an issue as the admins could NOT provide any proof of the original claim as it did not exist!

Despite MANY requests from me to provide proof none was ever produced!
I fully expect the admins to try and dispute this as it shows them in a bad light.
I can produce many posts about this to back up my claims , as there is a lot! I am reluctant to subject the members here to it all as there is a lot to read but I will post any relevent ones if they become necessary!
Avoiding the question

Yes or no? a simple question.
Avoiding questions

Come on G R , I am not interested in other sites I have asked you a simple direct question, are you a member of the group 'Death Star' or any other spook type group?
You seem to be having a great deal of difficulty in answering this direct question?
It is quite easy YES or NO ?? One answer has a total of three letters and the other has two? Surely it cannot be that hard to answer??
Some things do not add up

@xxxxx, you know that I have never refused a request for help regarding victims and helping them, I have not received any emails from you as far as I know!
There are some things wrong with your post! so I will ask a simple test of you " what number did you use with your name when you were in the mod room before anyone named wolf was a mod" ??
As I have recieved in the past, a keylogger put onto my system, I would ask that you send your reply via the pm system here!
A correct answer will enable us to go a little way forward!
I was wondering when the lies would translate into garbage posts !

@C C
As your previous posts have only been made to attack me and this sudden turnaround is most unusual to say the least, I can only assume that the admins are planning to alter any messages I sent or to make up false ones!
Therefore any posts that now depict any sort of bad things about me will obviously be garbage and posted just to get some sort of revenge on me for telling the truth!
As I am sure you know, I resigned from ils, and Fw , and as a mod on ils in protest at the deplorable way that the admins had treated a fellow mod who was a frail older lady and was seriously ill .
To this day they have not apologized nor made any amends for this terrible behavior !

This is a copy of the message I sent resigning from the sites
This is NOT on!! i have just been talking to one of our best mods who has been crying over the luducrous garbage that is being posted about us here !!
READ the bloody posts !! and you will see that it WAS posted and you all congratulated us on a job well done!!
Get this into your minds we did NOT decide to deal with this matter on our own !! can you read!! or are you becoming so eater like that you are choosing to ignore this ??
As a result i have tended my resignation as a mod and member here , and will be resigning from all the alliance sites ! when we as members are not believed and denounced as is being done to xxxxxxxx it is time to go.
I ask that you leave her alone! you can have my hide if it makes you feel better but i will not stand by and let you crucify her for not doing anything wrong " Big AL '

ANY alteration from this message that I sent to the alliance management is a forgery and would only be posted to cause trouble!
A heads up!

So far three different user names have been used on some of the same posts on here! I have received a pm saying that the admins are altering things!
This is I believe to be garbage as I trust the admins on here and It shows that some one has in all probability hacked into another account!
I would strongly suggest that every one checks their pc security as a matter of urgency!
This is the message-
edit your post

< !-- message --> I suggest you edit your post with my name in it. The admins here are fucking with my name.
Re trivia

@Coop. Re your post, and this -
Nice. Being a mod for just a few days and already starting to mess with posts you don't like. Al, that's the true spirit of moderation!
As clearly explained added to the post in a manner that a four year old could plainly see it was tongue in cheek, I did not alter ANY of his words, if you cannot or will not see the truth of this then I cannot help you !
If I had altered his words or the substance of his import then you would maybe have a case to put forth!
If a four year old could see it was a joke and yet you could not?? Why?
This is the RANTER so it is quite in order to have a little fun!

It shows the desperation that the supporters of the folk who would spread lies, that you pick on something as trivial as this to try and make a point! Why not pick on something serious like the lying and deceiving that aldavor did to the members of his forums By denying he had read pm's, remarkably quiet on this one eh??

I do have a lot of info and as I have stated I will release it when it suits me, NOT anyone else: I do NOT work for any eater or alliance management and so they do not dictate in any way or form as to when I do things, unlike some who seem to be bringing up trivial things to score points for them !

Just seen the last post by G R and as usual he has not answered my direct question, so I will ask it again, Gunnar 'are you a member of the group 'Death star' or any other spook type group?? lets see if he answers this simple question? He tries to make a point of me not answering questions but here is a simple one for him that he has not answered!
Just as Thunderchild will not answer any questions about lotta/Calamity jane! like why is an eater admin on the alliance as a mod??
Maybe you should also be asking him this as you like to mention questions not being answered?
Just as an example N mature asked me a direct question about 'Death star' and got a direct answer! is it too hard for your pal G R to answer the question I have put to him? or TC to answer his?
avoiding questions

Yes or no? quite simple!
avoiding questions

Yes or no? quite simple!
avoiding questions

Yes or no? quite simple!

As I am the mod on here I would also back this action, based upon information I have received recently! I have no problem with him voicing his opinion even though it varies with mine, this is what the ranter stands for, but in light of the other relevant info, I go along with this action!
To G R

Yes I altered his post in such an obvious way that a four year old could see that it was done tongue in cheek, complete with a smilie to show this! Somehow Gunnar fails to see this.

If G r was not happy with this it could be removed with no trouble!
However he chooses to try and make an issue out of it to cover up his lie that he has made repeatedly, that he is NOT a mod! A deliberate and clear cut attempt to lie to the ranter members! as we have now seen that he was appointed a mod!! A very clear lie to members!

As for his clutching at straws regarding his false claim that I fabricated evidence, I quoted tT by using the exact words that tT used , not one letter altered in any way! How is this then 'fabricating evidence'??

The interpretation of these words, as in ANY sentence can be twisted to suit any individuals version of events! If G R thinks that this has been twisted by me then lets see the facts to back this up.
The following sentences by tT that says tT has no dirt on Lotta seems to me to be irrelevant to the first part that claims lotta is the mole ( Not in dispute) and that Lotta passes on eater secrets!
Remember that tT says that lotta is the mole quite freely and of tT own free choice, no one has put words into tT mouth!

I have asked many times for G r to answer questions and he has not done so.
Here is another quite simple question for him.

Are you a member of the group known as 'Death star'? or any other 'spook' group??
Varod/knightly etc

Why the fuck should anyone answer your questions when you don't answer theirs, fucknut?
Just did!
Are we getting a bit rattled then?

WOW!! a whole post and not a swearword in it!!
Now I know you are rattled!
Obasanjo I call you out again!

Hi obasanjo, yet again you make 'wild accussations' without backing them up!
I called you out before and you could not come up with the goods!
I am calling you out again on your post=
Yawn. More of the same bigal delusions. I was wondering when his imaginary friend Vinnie would make an appearance, though.

Here is a post showing that 'vinnie' exists ! It is one of many that I have showing that 'Vinnie" is not imaginary!
Unlike you I can back up my statements!

Below was a reply sending by Mr Rover, Admin of

Hi there,

The issue is really simple. Vinnie had sent death threats to you. At the time I did not realize that you were not a user / member of - however that is NOT important to me or the moderators of 419eater. We have received various emails that Vinnie had sent out - your one was among them. We all felt that if Vinnie had sent a death threat to ANYBODY - it is NOT someone that we want to have on our system. I asked him if he had sent the death threat - he said yes! I banned him from our system.

Hopefully that clears up our position on this issue. A death threat is illegal it is not something we want any user on 419eater associated with. It is for that reason that we ban Vinnie.

Kind Regards

Rover (419Eater - Admin)

Please post your proof to back up YOUR statement !

If you cannot, after being called out twice, I suggest you go back to closing false banks down as you are good at this!

I find it strange that both you and G R , seem to be following exactly the same path as T C and knightly? As though you were being schooled in what to say?
This is, not posting any proof but continuing to try and show that I am crazy!
A tactic that has been the main line of attack for the admins who have nothing else to fight with as their entire case is built on lies!

So how about it? POST your proof!
Mixed identities?

@OBASANJO. when did you change your name??

I asked YOU some questions and someone else answers?

I would have thought you were intelligent enough to answer for yourself?
G R stuffs it up again

Do not get too excited G R

@ Throbbo, well spotted! I did not notice this when I copied it!
Just so that G R does not get his knickers in a twist trying to prove I altered it! here is a link to where I got it from, showing yet another post with the same addy in it! I am using this as it also shows the threat issued by 'Vinnie' that I have spoken about and some members may not have seen it yet! There is yet more PROOF that Vinnie is real and NOT someones imagination!
Phase two

It seems to be a standard practice for some sites to attempt massive character assassination when any one is banned for telling the truth!
This seems to be done to try and make sure that the person who has been banned will not be believed and any truth they post will then be suspect! This has been the case by both eater and the alliance in my case and to others who say the truth.

It is now spilling over to the people who support me, re some recent comments on here!

As the admins on the alliance have seen fit to try to portray me as crazy, it is only fair that I defend myself, remember they started this attack!

First of all I have never seen any doctor nor taken any medicine for any type of mental disorder and as far as I know no relatives of mine have either!

However, lets look at some of the people who are making these false allegations!

As I have also been falsely accused on internet love scams as well, I will talk about this group, remember this is the group that are dealing with emotional and sometimes suicidal victims. They have the following as ADMINS on ILS. I call this:

'The comedy of errors'

They have the following!

A male admin who is an alcoholic.

A female admin who is a self confessed 'bi polar' sufferer.

A female admin who also has a drink problem and has presided over the most destructive episode in the scambaiting history by telling lies about cop cars coming around to investigate and the 'rolling over' of a completely innocent colleague!

A male admin who has confessed that he cannot handle victims, and that he has emotional problems, he has since been removed as a liability!

A male admin who has also said that he cannot handle victims and is an admin, yet he has never posted on there.

A male admin who has lied to the members on his sites about reading pm's.

A female mod who has attempted suicide and runs away when confronted with one who needs help on ils.

A female mod who has massive problems with her parents, who are involved with a type of religious cult, and are against her using computers.

A female mod who is an admin on eater! enough said!!

The sickest of all, they have allowed 'Vinnie' who has issued sick death threats against fellow baiters to be a member, using three different names, one female and two male and then promoted him to a mod position!

AND THEY SLAP ME!! for sending a motivational song to a victim that was VERY successful.
And they try and say that I am a danger to victims!! BULLSHIT!!

Then they wonder why I expose them and their lies!

They also have people who have hounded victims to try and get them to bait their scammers, a VERY dangerous thing to do!

So now you can make up your own minds as to who is crazy!

Please remember that they started this attack on my character, I did not want to go down this road, but I will defend myself!

So they only have them selves to blame when I do defend myself!
Do we have to??

Meh. You should see the people that run this place.