Friday, July 8, 2011

i am walking with crutchs

op ok
Hi everyone! just come out of hospital!
Operation went very well and fantastic pain management!!almost no pain!!i am walking with crutchs now and will probably be ok without them in a few days and for the first time in my life my legs are the same length!!! many thanks for your good wishs!! and after i check everthing out will be back into it, " Big AL "

Hi everybody, thanks for all the good wishs, i have got about another 5 weeks before the muscle's and everthing else that was cut re-grows back and then i should be back to being better than i was
I have a few idea's for the lads and some of them are long term,but will really make their day!! to this end have we got any good ladspeakers who can check out some ladspeak that i will be using a translater on??
It appears that there will soon be a rogue oga contacting many lads and oga's with words of encouragement!!!(i think his favourite trick is to steal lads from other oga's!! this will go down really well with the oga's and foster a little mistrust amoungst them. especially if they find out it was him who shopped them all to the police!! have fun "
Big Al "