Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have found it helpful to eat bananas and to get as much daylight as possible.

Great care is needed, it will be either forged or stolen and in some parts of the USA it is an offense to be in POSSESSION of a forged instrument, and can attract a jail term of up to fifteen years.

We have seen cases of victims being jailed for this.

Some good advice from Randy.
Having flown many times from Australia to the UK and back of course. I have found it helpful to eat bananas and to get as much daylight as possible.

Sleep seems to help a lot as well as breaking a long journey by having a stop over and some exercise, followed by a good sleep so that you are rested and feel ok for the balance of the trip.

I have found that the jet lag for me is never as bad, if I break the journey in this way.

I also try to walk around the plane as much as I can, this seems to help.  

Again, you just cannot help yourself. You continue to violate the rules again and again.

After my post, you altered the link, and then you post the name of the twitter thread that has been posted by others and contains my real life photograph as you well know.

Soyl you seem determined to break the JUOT rules at every opportunity.

Soyl I have more information on you than you will ever know, believe me it is extensive.

I do not post it here: AS IT IS AGAINST THE RULES. The same rules that you seem to want to flaunt at every chance you get.

How many breaches of the rules is this Soyl?  

As you are fully aware as you have used it and posted it yourself, before you were forced to remove it, the link goes to a thread that shows my real life Photograph that was stolen from my pc by a hacker.

Indeed you have used variations of it after photo chopping it as your avatar on other forums. As well as posting it unaltered on another forum.
Therefore you cannot deny knowing that it is of me.

Soyl why are you AGAIN posting links to the personnel information of other JUOT members?

No Soyl as you very well know it is not me. But I thought you denied any knowledge of these things?

Another mental lapse on your part I take it?

As this links to a place that displays my personal photograph. I would ask that it be removed and yet AGAIN Soyl posts links to the personal information of members.

How many times will he break the rules on JUOT?

Come on Soyl give me an answer on this post.

And do they phone you up at three in the morning and post your photograph on the cover of a KP magazine and send it to your employer?

Do they set up blogs and sites to post crap about you?

Do they post what they think are your details all over the internet and encourage others to harrass you and who they think are your children?

Do they pretend to be you on many sites to defame you?

Do they alter your avatar and signature to ridicule you after they ban you for asking reasonable questions?

If they did these things to you and your family, would you feel justified in defending your self?
You seem to defend yourself if anyone posts crap about you on here as is shown by the post I just made above.  
Hi, Glock some could say this " boils down to a lack of brains"
Soyl as you were complaining that Both I and the imposter "bigal" on CT were pretending to be you.

Will you be posting on CT asking for him to be banned, now that I have offered solid proof that he is an imposter?

Or will you be lodging a DMCA report as you seem keen on this being done?
He is such a lovable little rascal.
It is a real shame that his mental condition is getting worse now and he is becoming obsessed with me.

On some sites he even keeps sending me friend requests.
He may have the hots for me?  
Interesting. So if some one set up a blog or site and posted copies of your posts out of context with some even altered to make fun of you.

Along with your personal details, address, phone number and Photographs and full details of your employment. Along with a lot of other personal details, then you would agree to this and give your permission?
I think the same has been said to you many times. Probably with more justification.

But we soldier on don't we?

Please be careful not to upset Soyl, with his mental issues it could be bad for him.
Thank you Dr. Watson.

I have been advised not to comment on the actions that are being taken as possible legal action could be involved.

There are quite a few reported activities that come under the term illegal and are being looked at by those who are responsible for acting on these things.

As you can probably understand, one of the things that Soyl and co desperately want is my real name and address and my personal details.

We have all seen what they do with this type of information. Just look at how they are harassing some one who they THINK is me.

I hope that you and others can now clearly see that I have never knowingly lied on JUOT and so do not feel the need to question many of my posts.

Apart from actually getting a signed confession from the imposter that I think is highly unlikely, I would say that the proof I have posted is ample evidence to back up my claim that he is impersonating me, to do me damage.

The fact that it can easily be corroborated by checking back on JUOT is further confirmation of my claim.