Sunday, June 30, 2013

there are countries where spamming is not illegal

After being a successful businessman for many years, I would recommend that you get any partnership tightly covered to protect yourself.

It is sometimes necessary to have a partner, but I have always subscribed to the theory that I will not put my money into any venture where I do not directly control it. That's why I do online scamming.

A bad partner can do a lot of damage to your venture, if he or she is not bound by good contracts. Unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money if things go wrong then any contract is only as good as the people who sign it.

You may be well covered, but how much time effort and money are you prepared to spend to enforce a contract? I have 6 big niggers who will go to someone's house to enforce my contracts.

That's why I begin every correspondence with "Greetings in Jesus Name, I am search for reliable business partner..." which sometimes gets me a reliable business partner. For me, reliable just means someone who will deposit my fake checks and WU me the money before the bank or anyone finds out the check is bogus.

but the answer in a nutshell is Money. Many countries will turn a blind eye to scamming and spamming as it brings in much needed overseas money.

As an example it is believed that in Nigeria the money from overseas comes in this order. First is oil. second is minerals and the third is fraud (scamming) etc.
Many officials will turn a blind eye to this. Indeed we also see quite a few internet personalities accept bribes or are blackmailed into supporting the scammers.

I made all my money by scamming people, so I am an expert.

Fortunately there are countries where spamming is not illegal or is in a "Grey" area.

There are some advanced mass emailing type programs that are being sold in such countries. I am currently working against such a guy in India and those who support him at the moment. I don't need that kind of competition.
The money involved in making such advanced systems is very large and shows how much money is involved in these spams and scams.

After the "cold war" there were some very highly trained IT guys who became available for hire from Russia. Some "traded" their hacking knowledge with some of the successful scammers, for knowledge of how to scam with the "419 advance fee " type scams.

This shows how they can be successful in scamming and spamming.

Not too long ago yahoo deleted over four million spammer accounts in a very short time frame. but this only resulted in a small blip in spamming activity, as the spammers just opened new accounts and carried on.

So far my niche, which is scamming the scam victims who come looking for help, is solid. My team is tight and we rake in millions every month., is a cash cow.