Tuesday, June 11, 2013

confirmed and self confessed LIAR

Well BirdOPrey5 we are making progress, albeit slowly.

So far The innocent mans address has been removed and replaced, in a form that most would not understand.

The use of the innocent mans full name has stopped. However it should have been stopped a long time ago. be that as it may.

Joe has been exposed as a confirmed and self confessed LIAR. I exposed my limp dick to a woman at the bus stop lol HAR FUCKING HAR

A recent copy of a post by the scammer copying in an altered form some of my posts has been removed, as it was also embarrassing Joe.

Some of birdOPrey5's friends are asking about his actions and are now finding out more about his unethical actions. (They're not, but whatever.)

Now we need Joe to do the right thing and remove all copies of my stolen photo from Juot and to remove all the derogatory and libellous posts made about me. Then we will be seeing true progress. Then he needs to ban everyone from Juot. After that, he needs to unban me so I have another outlet for my fucknuttery.

Again you prove that what I say is true. They closed down after being shut off by their host, then they started again with another host exactly as I have said.

If a site is offline and cannot be seen and has been taken offline by their host, then the term "closed down " could be appropriate.

BirdOPrey5 why do you allow a self confessed scammer to use my stolen photograph on your website ?

Have you removed the innocent mans details from your website after admitting that he is being harassed?

Good. it was unethical of you to allow a scammer to impersonate an innocent man, knowing it was unethical you should have removed it sooner.
Interesting to see that you only did the right thing when your master gave you permission to do so.

Now Joey why are you allowing a known scammer to use my stolen photograph on your site in his profile and sig, as he is a dark skinned Indian guy and the photo is of a white skinned guy, it is obvious that it is not him ?

Thank you Joe for admitting that you know it is MY photo. Another milestone has been reached.
Now Joe as you admit it is mine why are you allowing a scammer to use it to post as me (Impersonation) in violation of your own rules?

Thank you Joe for admitting that an Indian guy is using my stolen photo.

It is showing in his profile and his sig. And NO Joe it is there because he has not given you permission to remove it.

Strange, you have a lot to say about Mexicans though eh Joe.

Exactly as I said. and yes you are a confirmed liar now.

No Joe you are a confirmed liar because you insisted that you had never downloaded it.

But thanks for proving again that what I am posting is the truth and that you lie often.

Not very smart are you Joe. You are the tech, find out yourself how I found the connection.

For me it is sufficient that I have proven you a confirmed liar again.

Joe why are you allowing a scammer to use my stolen photo on your site to impersonate me?