Tuesday, June 25, 2013

whats antifraudintl.org?

Thanks for asking.

It is an anti-fraud website where we try to warn people and stop the scammers and those who support them.
Our most important work is to assist the victims of the scammers. Who are often devastated and sometimes afraid.

We are the only website of our type that operates in fourteen languages so we can help the victims in their own language. Because we are the only ones who know how to use Google translate and turn our choppy English into indecipherable foreign languages, further confusing people. Then we scam them of the money that would otherwise go to those thieving niggers in Africa. I use the name Gbenga Jones on Facebook to accuse random people of being gay, which I know hurts their feelings because that's the worst thing in the world, and then I rip them off.

I find it easy to post.

What I find is harder is getting a meaning across, as your expressions etc are not seen and so it can be harder for people to fully understand at times. It's also hard because I'm an incompetent dolt, but that's neither here nor there. I just get unsuspecting assholes to send me money.