Friday, June 7, 2013

the surname of an innocent man

It seems the rot started a while back. I would like to thank BirdOprey as it was him who encouraged me to start researching such things. I am sure IB will value his input. I shit my pants again, but that was expected.

I do not have to smear your name, you are doing a better job than I could. I smear my feces though. Completely different.

BirdOPrey5 why are you allowing the full name, including the surname of an innocent man to be used on your website by some one who is impersonating him?

You are aware that it is not him as, after many requests you finally removed his address form your website.

You say you will not do the right thing and remove my stolen photo as you do not "Like" me. Do you then not like the innocent man as well?
Is this why you refuse to remove his personal details from your website and are happy to allow someone to post as him?

Odd thing for you to say as I have never used his surname, yet YOU allow his full name to be used without his permission.

Not harassed you say! Yet the scammer who you are supporting has posted a photo of his house along with his address and his phone number, asking for people to phone him, I would call this harassment. He even posted images of his house showing the license plate numbers and even a photo of who I suppose is his wife on the internet.

Currently you are allowing the scammer to use his full name alongside my stolen photo and post defamatory comment USING his name, This I call harassment. And you can't spell harassment without ass in it, and my ass is smeared in the aforementioned feces. Make of it what you will.

BirdOPrey5 why do you allow a known hacker and scammer to impersonate an innocent man on YOUR website in violation of your OWN rules?

Joe are you so twisted with hate that you are reduced to harassing an innocent man and his family.
Or is it because you now have to do as the scammers tell you. Have I said innocent man enough times yet? It's an innocent man.

Are you saying that because I used a random two FIRST names,that some how I am responsible for someone else using and posting his FULL username on YOUR site?
I am NOT posting as him and impersonating him on YOUR site, Chandra is as you well know. Glad to see you ADMIT that his house WAS posted online in an attempt to harass him!
Thanks for yet again backing up that what I am saying is fact about an innocent man who is innocent and not me, even though I am also innocent.

You allowed his real life address along with his FULL name to be used for many months I would call that harassment ON your website. And you can't spell harassment without ass in it, and my ass is smeared in the aforementioned feces. Innocent man.

True, as I have said many times, I have not personally spoken to this guy. However I can easily see the harassment of him as stated above by your website. And you can't spell harassment without ass in it, and my ass is smeared in the aforementioned feces. And I have seen the post on another site where an admin and pal of Chandra boasted about calling him at three in the morning and scaring his children.

I have also seen the photographs of this guys house posted by Chandra. This is the same guy who you are supporting in his harassment of this guy and still you allow him to impersonate him, by using his FULL name on YOUR website. The innocent man, that is.

Before you post crap again after taking some medication, lets make it clear again. I have NEVER used this guys surname to impersonate him, yet YOU are allowing Chandra to impersonate him on your website. Why until recently you even allowed his address to be used in the impersonation of him in violation of your own rules and those of your host.

THIS happened on YOUR website, so again you openly lie. Joe a simple question, why are you allowing this innocent man to be harassed on YOUR website?

In closing, I would like to use the phrase innocent man one more time.

An Innocent Man.