Sunday, June 9, 2013

an innocent man with a full diaper

My my BirdOPrey5, you are a little paranoid aren't you! OOPS the IP is a Telstra one. I am NOT with Telstra, neither my internet nor my phone is with Telstra.
You should be aware of this, as your scammer pals who you are protecting have in the past posted the name of my email account service, and it was and still is NOT Telstra.

Perhaps you have upset many other people by your stupidity. I am not aware of anyone with that IP.
Now remember when you said that if you made a mistake you would apologize for it?


Oh and Joe why are you allowing an innocent man with a full diaper to be harassed on your website?

Good morning Joey. Oh you do not mind me calling you Joey? as the rest of your family do.
Why we have been talking to each other so much I feel like one of the family! There you go Joey you can look on me as the brother you never had.

Now joey you really should not be allowing the name of an innocent man to be used by an impersonator on your website. Here's a gif of a dumb nigger that I think is funny but is completely irrelevant.


BirdOPrey5 this is just SOOO funny. YOU complaining about hacking, while you support hackers on your website and defame those who fight them. What are you, a dumb nigger?

But Joe you agree with hacking, as you support known hackers on your website. Have you asked your hacking pals about this?

Maybe all your accounts are compromised now. Ask Soyl, he has been evicted from at least three ISP's for hacking. He did tell you this I presume, as you are such close pals.

Tell you what Joey, how about I ramp things up? I have a lot of information now, maybe it is time to post it.

Some "brotherly" advice Joey. I strongly suggest you do the right thing and remove all the BS about me from your website.

This life is transient and will all be gone in what will seem like a twinkling moment in time and Joey remember this:

"What good does it do a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his immortal soul"


Joe you KNOW you are doing wrong. Where is the sense in selling your soul for a few dollars and suffering in agony FOR ETERNITY? For the sake of your own immortal soul do the right thing.

When you meet up with your father on the other side, before you are condemned to hell for all eternity, what will you say to him?


I too have been paralysed Joe and I am a lot older than you, so I will probably die before you.
If I can I will be waiting for you. As may be some of the poor victims whose lives you have helped destroy by supporting scammers and hackers on your website.


Joe did you check up on the activities of the group who are now ultimately controlling you. Did you see the scamming, drug running, Child porn and human trafficking, along with the other things they are doing and that you are now supporting? May the good lord forgive you for what you are doing.

Sleep well Joey and rest before the coming storm engulfs you. Here's the nigger again.


Thank you Joey. As expected you now resort to posting links to where your scammer masters impersonate me.
Are you so afraid of your new masters that you have lost all your decency and now resort to their low life tactics?

However, once you have been turned, then it is an easy slide down to losing what ever decency you had.

Joe once you have pocketed the thirty pieces of silver, then it is easy for you to justify the pain, agony, despair and heartache that such actions cause to the innocent victims of the scammers that you are supporting and encouraging. As long as the monkey keeps coming in, then it is easy for you to turn a blind eye to the suffering. Eh Joe.

When you meet your maker, you can explain about how you contributed to the human misery of exploited children in the human trafficking and the stealing by scamming, of the money that was destined to be given to the starving children in the (mainly African nigger ) orphanages that your scammer pals steal from.
I mention the African nigger scammers because unknown to you, this is ultimately where your instructions come from, and are passed along to you by your new scammer and hacker friends. And niggers.

Wow Joey, they must really have you well under their thumb to risk all that you have striven for, and mainly all over one stolen photograph that cannot possibly have any great importance to you.

Tip of the iceberg Joey, Tip of the iceberg.

So Joey should I now accuse you or one of your scammer pals of hacking?
Maybe one of their Korean hackers. Those slant-eyed chinks love hacking. They're worse than niggers.