Sunday, June 2, 2013

I am not exporting you

have already posted these things, but I will go over them again.

Permanent removal of my photograph on any site you control or moderate.

Permanent removal of any derogatory post about me with any of my usernames. And any that defame my website or any members there.

Removal of any reference to the innocent guy including any use of his name.

Permanent removal of any of my old posts that have been copied and NOT posted on Juot by me, including made up posts that have been declared to have been made by me.

Current and future removal of any impersonation of me using any of my posted usernames.

Permanent removal of any links that go to blogs, forums, sites etc, that I do not control. That impersonate me. I can give you a list of them including the dramatica one that you are aware of.

All with the caveat as you stated= (and not re-posted) Basically, any derogatory, defamatory or insulting post about me with any of my commonly used usernames.

Not to allow the scammers and you know who they are, to post on Juot again, any thing that insults or derides me. Including posts in your hidden sections.

If all this is done properly I will be happy to never mention any of your usernames in public ever again.

@ BirdOprey5, I am sure we both have other things to do, so it only makes sense for us to leave each other alone as I have said to you before.

Once these have been acted upon properly I will also be happy to remove my posts about you if you do the same and remove YOUR posts about me.

if you have any problems with finding the derogatory posts then if you let me on juot on a temporary basis, I will not post but search them out for you. This is up to you.

I am not exporting you. YOU ASKED for what I wanted and I told you.

Much of what you allow to be posted is in violation of your own TOS and that of your host as well as being lies.

I made the offer in good faith, but it seems that you are too much under the control of the self confessed scammers that you support, to do the right and decent thing.