Friday, November 30, 2012

More twisting of the facts

More twisting of the facts Joe. Have you made any attempt to discuss things with me? I have offered many times and said that I am available on skype and Gmail to talk to you but every time you have failed to reply.

What are you so afraid of Joe? can you only talk to me while protected by your admin powers or the powers of another admin ? Why are you so afraid to talk to me man to man and sort this out to our mutual benefit? I can take off my diaper and have a big boy talk.

Joe why are you SO AFRAID to discuss things between just us two? Is it the diaper? The squinty eyes? The rancid smell of urine wafting of me?
I take it that as you announced that you were in Hospital that you are now feeling better and I can continue to expose you for the liar that you are. I have refrained form doing so out of consideration for your illness.
Now I hope you are feeling better and I can continue. Rest assured Joe, that when some one supports scammers and lies to everyone about me then I will never rest until things are put right. That money is MINE!

You know that I never stop, so again I ask that you be a man and have the courage to discuss this matter so we can settle it and both get on with our lives. Your choice Joe, it makes no difference to me. I have been fighting scammers and corrupt admins for over five years, one more will not make much difference.

PS-Get your facts right Joe, I am NOT Australian I am English, as I have said many times. And I am a squinty cashbaiter.