Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am a victim of a hosting company

Although not a client of urljet, I too am having a lot of problems with urljet being very uncooperative. I have stamped my foot vigorously and made idiotic demands of them but they won't listen to me.

A good organization would work with assholes like me to help settle any problems. My opinion is that they do not fall into this category.

I cannot comment on their speed etc only on my unfortunate personal experience with them when I was told to file a DMCA request to get what I want, which I refuse to do, so now I am reduced to being an asswipe in public AGAIN !!

In summary: I do not like urljet because I am a stupid fuckwit who cannot get it through his thick skull that people don't have to do what I want just because I say so, and my vagina is as sandy as ever. I just can't shake it out.