Friday, November 9, 2012

I have used Alan James but I have NEVER used Alan James Watson.

Soyl maybe it is this address that is of concern. TC- 30/1759-6 KARUNA BHAGAT SINGH ROAD PETTAH THIRUVANANTHAPURAM

Kerala India.

It is amusing to see you stick to the posting of an address that has no relationship to me. 2 Speckled Cct., Brisbane, Australia is certainly not my real address but that of an innocent man and it upsets me to see you post it online because it is definitely not mine.

It cannot be much fun though for the innocent guy whose name and address you so freely post all over the internet. The innocent guy who is not me.

@ creamskirt. The blog you mention was not set up by me, nor have I ever posted on it.
You do seem keen to post first my photo and then a link to one of the blogs that are impersonating me. Why is this I wonder?

"Hello, I am Joe the Admin of the forum the original poster is complaining about. He uses the name Alan James Watson but he admits this is a fake name he uses to hide his real identity"

Yet ANOTHER lie from Joe Di Biasi who seems keen to post what he says is my name so I will post his. I have never used that name. I have used Alan James but I have NEVER used Alan James Watson. Except for all those times I did.

As the admn on, Joe KNOWS who the person is who is posting as Alan James Watson and he has access to his IP that goes back to India, Mine goes back to Australia. The person posting as Alan James Watson on juot is Chandra Sekhar Sathyadas who is an IT engineer for the Koala public works department. Joe KNOWS this, so why the lies Joe?

Joe why are you AGAIN lying to people, as a staff member on Vbullettin this is a most unprofessional thing to do. and reflects badly on Vbulletin as they pay you to do the right thing.