Thursday, November 22, 2012

Re the initial approach.

Re the initial approach. I have found that a simple one has produced the best results for me, at first all we want is for the nigger to reply, so I usually start off with something like.

" Hi sounds good to me can you give me more details. Send them to me at 2 Speckled Cct, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Thank you, Alan James, Big AL Gbenga Jones Watson"

One of the things that a baiter may be concerned about is losing his nigger. NP, you can always re-bait him using another alias. Many times I have a nigger answering more than one of my usernames, if I lose one it is not a problem, as I already have at least one more on the go and so the nigger torture can continue unabated. There is no shortage of these monkeys. It's like being in the Congo, you stand still for just a second and you'll be covered in sweaty monkeys. These jiggaboos can sniff out a decent white man like flies find shit.

The next thing to do is phish their password so you can watch and see how many dumb fucks are sending them money. You want to watch for a Western Union  receipt in their inbox which you take and bring to the WU office and you collect the money instead of the dumb nigger. This is called cashbaiting. The money some idiot was sending to that nigger now goes to you. Simple and easy. I have been doing this for years and that's how I paid for my pool and for my wife's electrolysis. Her mustache was getting hard to look at.

I will instruct you more later. Right now I have a very full diaper because I sharted. That's when I think I'm going to fart, so I push one out, but instead I get a surprising blast of shit. In this case, it was no surprise, and I didn't need to push. It just pours out of me like someone turned on a shit faucet.