Sunday, November 11, 2012

Roland Spxxx with whom I had a lot of skype conversations

Joe, I have sent two replies to your comment, but they have not appeared as yet. I am sending this reply now and it has also not yet appeared. I will send another reply later which will also not appear. I have asked that you give me permission to email you so we can discuss this matter. When I send you an email, it too will not appear.

You seem upset that I have certain information, now that tbakl hacker has posted where it came from on AMB I can elaborate.

Want to know who tbakl hacker is? Probably not since everybody knows that it's me, or no one gives a shit. But whatever. Check his profile for the lead. As Soyl has admitted to having mental problems he sometimes makes silly mistakes. Totally plausible mistakes.

You can ask soyl about his alias of Roland Spxxx with whom I had a lot of skype conversations and he gave me lots of information. All this goes back to you allowing him to make a fool of us both for his own amusement. Why I would allow someone to make a fool of me is another matter that, like a reply or an email, will not appear.

Consider all the posts and information that has been exposed, just because he is stabbing you in the back and making a mockery of your trust. But that is the nature of the beast. Hackers and scammers deceive people, this is how they work. You can trust me on this because I am posting it publicly and am 100% dependable and risky free. Like a Depends. Which I just filled up.